Air escaping from eye socket when blowing my nose

I dont know where exactly is the best place to post this, but I am looking for information from anyone else who may have experienced something similar or who can provide advice.

I suffer constant nasal mucus and am blowing my nose often within a few minutes of clearing it.

This has been a longterm issue and has become commonplace for me. But a new development is air expelling through my eye socket when I blow my nose. I initially dismissed it. But it is becoming more regular and has concerned me. I am not sure where to turn for the BEST advice.

Has anybody any knowledge of such things. Causes, and hopefully resolutions.


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21 Replies

  • Does that link with the eye at all?

  • Hi, I experience this from time to time - at least I think it is what you are talking about . It sometimes lasts quite a time but the good news is it eventually clears and in a way one just gets used to it. I bathe eye with cooled boiled water which soothes, or use hypromellose eye drops. Hycosan I find is best, contains no preservatives and is in a bottle which keeps for 6 mths. after opening. Hope this may help

  • Has it affected your vision at all, over time? That's what is of concern to me.

  • Vision not affected I have developed cataracts but that is age related . The worse cataract in unaffected eye operated on last year, no probs. at all .Eyes of course checked at eye clinic and all well, also checked by optician - nothing wrong For your own peace of mind get checked If ness. optician can refer you to hosp. eye clinic. Good luck!

  • Lupus can attack your nasal passages and sinuses mimicking allergic rhinitis which I know quite a few of us have suffered with over the years - just something to think about.

  • I have had allergic rhinitis or something like that for as long as I can remember. But the eye involvement is a new thing.

  • In my case when I blow my nose air seems to exit the eye socket near the tear duct causing my eye to run. I didnt think there was a connection between nose and eyes so thats what has intrigued/concerned me.

    Its always the same eye.

  • Morning, I have had this for years, tho it doesn't happen every single time I blow my nose but yes the corner of my eye will bubble and water. Haven't done anything about it as I have sinus problems and figured it was linked to that. My dad had blocked tear ducts and the corner of his eye regularly watered. If you are worried maybe speak to your doctor just to be reassured. Have a good day.

  • i woke up one day with bad pain in my upper mouth plus a stuffed nose so i started blowing my nose long story short it happened to me i got worried so i search relations between the eyes and nose but there somewhat connected maybe next time when u blow ur nose close ur eyes and see if that doesnt stop the air

  • There is a small tube that connects your eye to your nose and it runs from the corner of you eye next to your nose. I don't think it is anything to worry about just try not to blow too hard? Maybe get it checked by an optician?

  • The air is coming through the tear ducts, the risk is infection from the mucus, use lots of eye drop and eye wash if need be. And try not to blow too hard, if poss dont blow. -I know this is problem if you have a lot of mucus discharge,

    Some Buddhists use little watering cans to wash water into the eyes which then runs through the tear ducts so as to wash out the nasal passages. A simpler way is to stand under the shower so as let the water do the same. A few good snorts and blows should remove large amounts of glue and with any luck the infection which is causing it.

    I do this and my nose has never been so good.

    Good luck.

  • Yuk - too much information Thaddy - snorting the shower lol

  • True. This in not good mealtime reading, but it keeps the infection and irritation to the minimum.

  • I shall give it a try in the morning....

  • For nasal and sinus problems I have found that STERIMAR spray (made in France ) is magic. It can be used for congestion and also as a daily spray for nasal hygiene. It can be used as many times as you like as it is only purified sea water so no rebound action and it is marvellous. You can just have a little spray or hold it for a few seconds to wash out the nasal passages (head over the washbasin for this). The nozzle is long and perfect for putting right up the nose unlike other sprays. I have had three operations on my nose over the years and have suffered from post nasal drip and sinus infections until they drove me crazy. I now use this night and morning to wash out the nose and in between if I feel congested. I also use it if I've been in a crowded place like a supermarket and think there are bugs about. This spray is the best yet. It is worth a try and good luck.

  • I guess we all know someone who is 'a bit of a doctor on the side' :-)

    I have had someone telling me to use a salt water spray for a while. I guess I will now face, "I told you so".

    I will have to give it a try I think.

  • This sounds good.

  • I should have said that the Sterimar is available over the counter and also on prescription.

  • Thanks everyone. I feel a bit better now that its not necessarily time to invest in a white stick.

  • I have exactly the same thing!! Thought i was the only one. By shear luck i had started taking antihistamines daily to reduce mucus and risk of getting colds/flu when i discovered this problem. I totally understand the weirdness and how scary it can be when u dont know what it is, i asked optician and rheumatology consultant but no ides as of yet. Good luck with your findings and let me know! Regards

  • Hi, I have the exact same problem as this. Did you find a fix or what the problem was? Thank you so much.

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