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Manic Weekend - when do i recover ????

is there a day when i can have no stress in my life ??

Had a full on weekend, runnign around after the kids. Sat morning up the football club watching training and doing the refreshments. Sick of the site of bacon rolls !!! Back home at lunchtime and try to get the boys to do their homework, without all the hassle - nightmare !! Then they were off to a party 6-9pm (too late for me) so i went to work for a couple of hours in between. Up early on SUnday, more football and more bacon rolls !!! Then briefly back home for lunch before heading out to a Cub football tournament. Fianlly back home about 7pm with takeway pizza in hand and bath and bed. My little girl who had endured this nightmare weekend too, then trew up twice in her bed during the night - arrrrggghhhh.

Monday morning trying to drag the kids out of bed in time to go school, i found myself disappearing under a mountain of washing, sheets, etc and all the footy kit !!! So shut the door and went to work - only to be greeted by more stress.

Now trying to find a slot to recover from last weekend - i think Xmas there might be a free few hours NOT !!!

Keep smiling everyone :)

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Wow! That has tired me out just reading about it :)


Christ I totally sympathise with you there. As a single working mum the Lupus is like carrying a bag of coal on your back. My 6 year old boy was late going to bed the other night, his eyes were closing as he climbed into bed, he said 'Mummy, is this how tired you feel all the time'. I felt awful as i didn't realise how often I say to my kids that mummy is tired. Anyway, I've just started steroids and anzathiaprine so feeling fairly optimistic, as are my children. My boy today asked if my new medication will mean I can play basketball in the garden with him everyday, I really hope it does. How do we keep going?? I have so many plans for the three of us so really hoping these meds kick in. Who knows, I may even start brushing my hair before the school run!!

Keep at it!


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