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My rheumatologist suggested I wear a medic-alert bracelet at all times so if I need help but unable to communicate properly my details are there for the reading. I thought it was a great idea and am now wearing one. It gives me a bit of reassurance that if found in a heap someone will realise that I am ill and not drunk or under the influence of drugs (well prohibited ones anyway)!

What do you all think? Is it a good idea or do you think I am being paranoid?

Does anyone else have one?

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  • I have always thought about it..... are they expensive ?? I know alot of other people with varying illnesses that wear them.

    I think its only a good thing, as you say if you were to be found in a heap on the floor - i would hope that someone doesn't just ignore you and look for a medical tag of some kind.

  • thanks for the feedback and after reading the other answers too it seems like I did the right thing and get one. Found them not too expensive for the plated one but family clubbing together for a gold one for Christmas - never ever thought I would be getting that for a Christmas present! Keep well.

  • Your not paranoid, it makes sense. I have an SOS talisman, you can put everything in it. Doctors, meds next of kin etc. Ive had mine since diagnosis 25 years ago and its stil going strong.

    You can get them quite reasonably in plated silver or more expensive in silver and gold. I have a bracelet but they do necklaces too.

    Mine is gold and was very expensive so my family put together for my birthday and got it for me.

  • After telling them what your family did mine have decided to club together and update and get a gold one too - though never thought I would ever get something like that as a present!

  • I have one and it puts my families mind at rest. It's certainly well worth the money, but you must remember to keep the relevant company upto date with all your medication etc.

    I also have a "Lions Message IN A Bottle" which you can pick up from your chemist. You fill in the form, keep it in the fridge!! and then put a sticker by your front door so that if the police or ambulance etc need to come they have all your information to hand. fantastic idea

  • Thanks for the reply. Ilike the sound of the bottle message in fact when we moved to this house there was a green cross sticker on the kitchen door and we could,nt figure out what it was for. Now we know.

    Who says these forums are not a valuable source of information!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have one also, i wear it all the time. Got it from "" - I picked up a leaflet about it at the doctors. You can choose an identity bracelet to suit you, or a necklace - in any metal.

    I have a bracelet and it is engraved with exactly what you want. I have my name, that I have SLE and antiphospholipid syndrome and that I am on warfarin. It makes sense and is good peace of mind. The price depends on the type of bracelet you choose and whether it is gold, silver or stainless steel.

  • Thanks for the reply. You have eased my mind that I am not being paranoid!

    Keep well -Irene

  • Yes, I have one too through MedicAlert. I find the organisation to be very good. They write every year and ask you to update your details. I started with a stainless steel bracelet and then decided to upgrade to a silver one. People often admire it. It certainly gives me some peace of mind.

  • nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks it is a good idea - thanks for taking the time to reply :-)

  • Hi Medical alert foundation have been brilliant for me the cost varies on the emblem you choose they have some very flash ones but basic ones are cheep and i'm on benefits so have my mebership fee subsidised. and they keep all your medical stuff on computer and can be accessed from abroad not that ive been for years. i live alone so it gives me the confidence to go out and about, especially if i want to travel to see friends. also i have found the wallet card handy for hospital admissions as it has all my medication, and diagnosis listed. as well as on the back of the emblem. so even if your not unconciouse but am as forgetful as i can be when not well it means i dont miss telling them anything.

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