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prolapse repair-one for the ladies

i have front and rear prolapse-only stage 1. the gyne wants to operate. initially she said she would do it under a spinal and was only doing bladder. when i went to pre-assessment the dr had consented me for both under a G.A. i rang to question this today and was told sometime they discover it is necessary to both-hence consent gainned rather than having to undertake a 2 nd o.p. i am a little concerned though as i have a connective tissue disorder along the line s of sle and 2 ndry fibeo. has anyone else had this o.p. i am 36

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Hi Moss. I had a bladder lift called a colposuspension about 15 years ago. I had spinal aneasthesia and sedation. I would question this further. I have had many ops and procedures over the years and as soon as SLE is mentioned my experience is Aneathatists are wary of GA's. They are concerned about the affects post anaesthetic, such as breathing, blood pressure etc. It may be different in your area, but this is your body and you need to feel safe if you are having a major op. Hope this has helped in some way. Best of luck. x


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