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Lupus and prolapse

Need advice as I have been told I have a prolapse but only after being left for over a year in agony then when I saw I was getting nowhere I was finally forced to do research myself to figure out what was wrong with me i then insisted I see a dr who examined me but she didn’t say what was wrong. Only when I asked her could it possibly be a prolapse that she agreed yes indeed it was. and am now awaiting to see a gynaecologist around May of next year. Am in agony and it’s affecting my bladdder and bowel. Asked to see a dr on Christmas Eve and was told it’s emergency only appointments over Christmas. I am in so much pain so I rang the hospital and was told over the phone by a receptionist that I could ask to see someone in the gynaecologist assessment team. What a carry on. Can’t decide either to change Drs, pay for a private appointment or just wait it out. It’s so frustrating as the medical profession are incredibly slow and I feel that I am just a number not a person. I spent Christmas in bed with a hot water bottle in incredible pain. I can’t take pain killers as they make me sick and now i have to decide how I get the treatment I so desperately need. Any advice is truly welcome. Thank you.

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I would opt for asking to see someone in the gynaecology assessment team at the hospital: could be 'instant access' opportunity? Can't shoot you for asking: a prolapse is very painful and it seems ridiculous to have to wait months. My mother had this problem for years: a gynaecology can insert a ' ring pessary ' in minutes at an outpatient clinic!

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Thank you so much for your help. I will call them tomorrow am tucked up in bed what a carry on. NHS cutbacks. If this was 20 years ago I would have been in and out of hospital already. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for taking time out to reply.

Follow up with the gynae dept ASAP, if left can become very painful and may cause other problems.

I had a bladder prolapse diagnosed in 2009 after a routine smear, I was asked if I’d noticed anything, I said no apart from getting on a trampoline a few weeks before for the first time and feeling like my insides were coming out. The nurse asked if I did my pelvic floor exercises and I said I do them all the time, she said that explained why I did not know I had one.

The waiting list was very long and I had private health insurance through work at the time. I had a Manchester repair done, the surgeon was great and everything was back to normal afterwards.

There can be several different types of prolapse, as Annienjoe says they can insert a ring pessary.

Insist on a referral, good luck.

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A permanent fix requires surgery but my mother wouldn't have it so she managed for years (10 or more) having the ring pessary changed at out-patient's clinic every 6 months. Her GP changed it at the surgery at least once.

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Thank you for letting me know as I was unsure what my choices were. Hoping to see someone soon. Have a great evening.

So feeling for you. I have had a prolapse for over 20 years. It wasn’t until a new doctor came to our surgery that anything was done mine didn’t hurt as yours does so I am wondering if it’s something more. I have a ring inserted so mine is now more comfortable. It was a feeling like my insides were falling out. Go get it checked again you shouldn’t be in pain. A&E would be my choice. Good luck 😉

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Thank you for your reply. Will go to my Drs in the morning and will also call the hospital. Last time I went to A & E they told me I would be waiting at least 7 hours that was after waiting almost 2. I have lost all faith now that I can get help. I have problems with my gallbladder, liver and kidneys plus I have polyps, fibroids cysts and endometriosis that’s on top of my gerd, bladder and bowel issues. I must get it sorted out. If left to the Drs it would never get sorted out. Will take my husband with me so am not fobbed off. Must change Drs too. All being well I will eventually get the treatment I need. Have a great evening.

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I am keeping everything crossed for you love 💗

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