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Ups and downs

Well hello all. Not been on for a while. Lots to tell you. I've had a bit of a flare but not with pain, with fatigue. So tired the past few days. Just want to sleep all the time but no matter how much sleep I get, just want to sleep more. For all who know and read my blogs before, the panic attacks have been under control and I'm feeling much better. But had some sad news last week. My mother in law passed away so I'm hoping I can cope with the upset, stress and hard few weeks ahead. I'm trying to stay strong for my partner and hopefully I can be a great support for him as he was for me a few months ago when I was really struggling. Will keep you posted. Hope you all are feeling well xxxx

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Glad you are getting there and sorry about your loss

Love & Sunshine

Jan x


Hi, Good to hear that the panic attacks are improving, although not so good about the fatigue part. It can be so draining and I must admit to using a few expletives when it occurs;). Sorry to hear about your loss too, hope you manage to take care of yourself throughout this difficult time. Marion x


Hello Clairebear - we have missed you on here.

So sorry to hear of the bereavement for you and your husband.

Managing the fatigue is hard, isn't it? You sound like you have a sympathetic mate though, and that counts for a lot.

Here's hoping you stay relatively pain free......


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