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No diagnosis either!

It seems I am not alone in suffering with the non-diagnosis, which as a Newbie is comforting to know.

I landed in hospital 1.mai with numbness and no strength in legs and arms/hands. They did every test there is and decided after 3 weeks they would pass me over to a Rehabilitation centre. A whole month of gruelling strengh training and various meds they let me home but nobody knew what it was.

3 weeks all was better but then o boy, I was worse than ever with a lot of pain.

Off to a Rheumy who did bloodtests and told me my ANA was positive. Hooray I thought, finally a diagnosis. Wrong! Other tests were neg. So since then I am dutifully swallowing Cortisone and a drug called IMUREK which depresses the Immune system (used in transplants)

Now they are sending me to Neurology in an other hospital.

I must say, since starting the meds 5 weeks ago I had 2 reasonable and 2 good felt wonderful!

(By the way I am in Switzerland)

I wish you all a good evening with little pain


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Sometimes it takes a while before a disease becomes apparent. It may take some time before you get a diagnosis.

When i first came down with lupus, it came and went. Then it came and stayed. Eleven years after diagnosis and twelve years since the first symptoms, i stiil have the odd couple of days where i feel relatively normal and it's great.

I'm glad your feeling better. Take care.


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