Menopause symptons in SLE

Is anyone going through the menopause I have been for the last 10 yrs but my sweats are completely out of hand. my heart races very fast or It feels like it and my head throbs, I have read that people with lupus can get hot flushes anyway is this correct or are my doctors putting this down to just the menapause just feels different and no one is listening. Help I feel like I am going mad.

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Hi Gillyg,

I have SLE which was triggered off at the menopause and 18 years on I still get hot flushes but not so severe or often. Hot sweats used to make me feel anxious because the feeling was so horrible and it may be that that sends the heart beating fast. I still get that and feel sort of dizzy for a few seconds in my head. It is difficult to explain, isn't it. I don't know whether these are due to lupus; I haven't seen them listed in symptoms.

Don't worry you are not going mad!



Thanks Jude65, I looked on Lupus uk and a lot of people were saying they get them and yet not going through the menopause even men. Maybe it is a bit of both. You do seem to have been having them for a long time. Not very good at saying things to the doctor they are not supportive. Always make me feel like I am making a fuss about nothing. Having one problem you can deal with lots is a whole different story. Hope you are well at the moment.


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