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Experiences of Dosulepin

Just wondering if anyone has taken Dosulepin capsules (25mg) for pain relief and if so if it has worked? I was taking amitriptyline (10mg x 1 on a night) but these did nothing for pain through the day even when I doubled the dose. They also made getting up on a morning difficult (not helpful with a 4 year old child!). So I saw gp today and explained this and he has now prescribed me Dosulepin to take 1 on a night before bed. He says these should be less drowsy.

I am just very doubtful of the pain relief side to it as nothing has worked prior to this (naproxen and diclofenac). So thought I would see if anyone has had an success with these? I know we are all different and what works for one does not always work for the other. I have not yet had a diagnosis. Just had blood tests repeated again and some new ones on friday, should get results in 6-8 weeks. So at the moment gps are just trying to find something to work on the pain. Thanks in advance for any replies xxx

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Didn't help with pain for me, even at a higher dose Megs, and you may have to try a number of drugs before you find one that works well for you. Good luck with the blood tests - let us know how you get on!


Thank you for your reply. I took my first one last night and they did make me less drowsy but unfortunately no pain relief as of yet, although gp did say it could take a couple of weeks before they have any affect. Thanks again and I will update with my results when I recieve them. Take care xxx


Its not a drug I've heard of...I take paracetamol on hospital advice for pain, as diclofenac gave me an ulcer. When the pain is very bad (I have sciatica and osteoarthritis) I use tramadol and they have a side effect of nausea so I dont take them unless I really have to.

I take amitriptyline to help with sleeping, just 10mg at night and I find they're very good to help you to relax.... my gp said they helped with pain but I dont take enough to prove that one way or the other..

Sorry I cant be more help, I've never heard of dosulepin....hope you get some relief.


Thanks for your reply. Paracetamol has no effect on me I'm afraid so that is not an option :-(

The amitriptyline did help me sleep but made me so groggy on a morning and I started on 1 x 10mg but after a week they stopped being as effective so I doubled dose. I then began to worry about how long they would be effective and that I would have to keep up the dose for the same affect if you know what I mean. So gp says these dosulepin are less addictive and male you not as drowsy as the amitriptyline do. Hopefully some sort of pain relief comes with them soon!

I have taken tramadol in the past for backache and they also made me feel sick and gave me migraines. Xxx


Paracetamol and opioid based drugs such as the various coedine mixes (Cocodomol, Codydramol etc) and Tramadol will mask pain Megs but have no anti-inflammatory properties so if your discomfort is caused by an inflammatory process (ie. a rheumatoid disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc.) they won't be of any particular benefit to the root cause and neither will Dosulepin - although the latter will lift your mood, calm anxiety and help you sleep. Your GP is correct in saying it takes a minimum of 2 weeks for Dosulepin to take full effect. I know we've "talked" before in the forum but can't recall what stage your investigative blood work has reached. Since your GP asked you to try the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("NSAIDs") Naproxen and Diclofenac I'm guessing you may already have tested positive for the rheumatoid factor. Do you know whether this is so? Have you yet tried the good old basic NSAIDs Aspirin or Ibuprofen at maximum dose for a few days? If not, give them a go *provided you read their accompanying leaflets carefully as to who should not take them*! To my knowledge, both are fine combined with Dosulepin. Choose a soluable, good quality Aspirin to help protect your tummy, also a good quality Ibuprofen - ask your chemist to help you choose the best. If either seem to help then it's likely your problem is of an inflammatory nature and you should return to your GP to let him or her know. BTW, you mustn't continue to take the maximum dose of Aspirin for more than a few days without also taking something to protect your tummy from its acidity. Good luck Megs! x


Thanks for your reply. At the moment I have no diagnosis but have just had bloods repeated (get results in mext few weeks). All doctors are going on is the symptoms I am giving them and a family history of lupus.

So the dosulepin won't help with the joint/muscle pain? If not then that is not helpful :-/ I have not tried aspirin but have been taking anadin joint pain tablets now for about 8 months (at least 2 a day) and have told my gp that I am worried about the long term damage they are going to do. The gp agreed that it will cause damage but never said to stop taking them. They are the only things that take the edge off the pain though so I have kept taking them. I also take lanzoperzole daily for acid reflux after having h.pylori 2 years ago so it keeps my stomach acids levels down abit, would the aspirin irritate this problem? Thanks again for your reply xxx


Ahhh, I see, ty. Well, apparently, there must be some people for whom Dosulepin helps with pain but I'm not one - it may do for you in time but my main point was it's not an anti-inflammatory. Some varieties of Anadin contain aspirin, some ibuprofen and, if taking over the counter medication that contains either of those NSAIDs helps and paracetamol or the opiod drugs don't then it's more likely your pain and discomfort is caused by an inflammatory process. If your GP thinks it's OK for you to continue with the Anadin and it's easing your pain then I'd be inclined to continue taking it within its stated doseage guidelines at least until your blood results are known. Not sure about the acidity (or otherwise) of ibuprofen as I was unable to tolerate it for other reasons. If it's the aspirin version of Anadin that brings you most relief, your GP can prescribe something to protect your stomach lining (likely Ranitidine) and also liquid Gaviscon for acid reflux - there are also many versions of enteric-coated aspirin available by prescription which are kinder to the stomach. Work with whatever helps at this stage. You're very welcome :) x


Thank you, I am going to continue with the anadin as it is the only pain relief I get. I will discuss the use of it with rhuemie when I go for my results. As of yet the dosupelin are not giving me any pain relief :-( xxx



I have taken dosulepin for years for nerve pain and it has worked a treat for me. Made a massive difference, hope it works for you too.


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