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What is PIP being introduced next year?

This is my first ever blog, not only on this site but ever ever ever. I dont do facebook, I dont tweet, I just about remember to e-mail old friends from time to time. But I came across this site and felt comforted to learn that others have shared expeiences.It has also confirmed that I am not insane because I: lose my balance and fall over for no reason; muddle up my words; forget how to spell things - and feel exhausted and in pain for no apparent reason.

My experiences of being ill for approx 4yrs prior to diagnosis some 21months ago seem minor when compared to others, and I've also realised how supportive my employer, Occ Health rep and consultant have been - however - entering into the minefield of state benefits is a real daunting one - reading that PIP is being introduced next year left me confused at a time when I thought I was beginning to understand DLA/ESA etc.

I would be grateful if anyone who knows what this is could elaborate.

Many thanks and good wishes to all who are unwell right now.


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HI there Slowmo...... Welcome to this Friendly blog site!

I'm sorry I do not know what PIP is, in relation to the State Benefit system. I thought they were something to do with Personal Implants!!! I found it by doing a search.....

If you click on this link, you should be able to read about Personal Independence Payments:

Glad to know you are being supported by caring professionals - some of us are not so fortunate, as you will read......


Thanks Looby, am quite glad i'm not dealing with an implant at this time - as like everyone on this site, I have enough going on right now. I hope the professionals working with you and others up their game a bit and do what is needed. Take care



Hi, PIP will replace dla....personal independent payment. I am also a virgin blogger, don't tweet, or facebook. I am still yet to be diagnosed with lupus, as I had a DVT and have finally been taken off the warfarin. I now have to wait a month before I can have the blood test as thats how long it takes for the warfarin to leave the system. I have a left ventrivular atrophy which I suppose explains why I am short of breath. Funny isnt it. I have never drunk or smoked, always ate healthyly, and I get this. I feel like pigging out on pizzas and coke. I always forget 1 item on my shopping list, even though it's written down! Good wishes slowmo


Thankyou for your good wishes - I can see why you would feel like blowing your good habits in favour of pizza and cola - and dont forget sometimes a little of what you fancy does you good.



Hello to you as well...... stay with us, and you will be well informed as well as having a giggle now and then!


PIP doesn't start for most people until October 2013 (although there will be a pilot involving a few thousand people in the north of England from April 2013, and all new claims for DLA will be treated as claims for PIP from June 2013). If you are due a renewal of your DLA around October 2013, you will be assessed for PIP instead, because they are starting with natural renewals. If you have an indefinite or lifetime award, or your renewal is not due until later, you will be in the mix for random reassessment - everyone on DLA will be reassessed for PIP sometime between 2013 and approximately 2017. You will get a letter from the DWP in advance of this, so you will get good warning.

One thing to beware of is that you will not automatically be expected to want to claim PIP - you have to tell them you want to claim it, even if you are on DLA already. Don't do that until you get your letter - otherwise they will put you through this process sooner than you might need to. The first part of a claim is just to register and go through some very basic entitlement questions (e.g. that you live in the UK and have done for the required period), and then they send you a form to complete where you get the chance to 'tell your story' (I love the language they use, it makes it sound so friendly) at which point you should make sure you get help from a welfare rights adviser to give yourself the best chance of success.

We will not know the final rules for assessment until this October, when the Regulations will be put before Parliament. This will give us the scoring system. But the rules will certainly be harsher than for DLA. There will be two components that are similar to the 'mobility/care' division for DLA, but for PIP they will be called 'mobility/daily living'. Each of those components will be split into two rates, either standard or enhanced. You will need to score 8 points to get the standard rate, and 12 points to get the enhanced rate of either component.

DLA will still exist for under 16's. Also people over 65 will keep it if they already have it and remain entitled. Anyone over 65 wanting to put in a new claim will still have to claim Attendance Allowance. People will still be able to get Carer's Allowance if the person they look after gets the daily living component (at any rate) of PIP, and PIP will also remain a passport to a Blue Badge for anyone who gets the enhanced mobility component.


Many thanks for the specific and comprehensive answer you provided. It was informative and clarified my confusion over the matter.



I don't like pizza or cola and I have never had a kentucky or a big mac. ugh perish the thought!! lol I like my own cooking too much. Got to get into practice, as I have a show on the 22nd of this month, just hope the back can take all the cake making pressure. Mind you I have got a topnotch mixer. Need one of those bar stools now. Oh I feel a vic sponge moment coming on.

I had an alarm call this morning. My mother, who lives the other side of town, pulled her help cord, instead of the light pull. I don't do emergencies at 4am. Usually it takes me about an hour to get up and about. She was OK, had had a nightmare, fell out of bed, stumbled into the loo, thought she was hearing voices. It was the helpline trying to get her attention and couldn't, so they rang me instead, GRRRRRR! Ready for a bit of shut eye now. Regards Liz


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