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light at the end of the tunnel!

light at the end of the tunnel!

Hi to all of you. my first time here .first thing i did was read the problems that lots of you have blogged about the problems that lupus causes. There is so many other health problems that come with it dont think there is any other disease that throws up so many other health issues?? I too have lupus and it still amazes me after 8 years of suffering what issues it brings now i can share with other people who know exactly what im talking about. My moto take one day at a time pace yourself!!!xxx

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First got to say what a cute dog love spaniels! Also I totally agree I have had what is 'probably lupus' for 5 years and it is the variety of this illness that means I only have the probably. The big thing I found was that things that were just annoying that I just struggled through were part of it and began to be controlled with meds. Welcome to this wonderful site.



I agree, one day at a time and dont feel guilty if you cant do invite the family round or you cant go to the party.

And what a georgeous dog. I loss my at christmas so really miss her.

Take care



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