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Im new

Hi, im new to this and just wanted to say a bit about myself and see if anyone had any tips for me or advice.

I got pregnant in 2007 and got blood clots which led to me being diagnosed with Lupus. I suffered severe joint pains especially in arms, hands, wrists, knees and feet and neck. these pains are compeltely random. One day in the hands, the next day knees and next feet etc etc.

After I had my son my symptoms disappeared and I went onto have a daughter 2 years later without many complications. I was given the all clear after my daughter in 2009-the doctors said they had made a mistake I never had lupus and it was just anemia.

I got on with my life relieved until last year in 2011 when I thought I had carpel syndrome in my wrists. Investigations led to positive lupus results. I couldnt understand as first time I was diagnosed I was told once you got lupus you could never get rid of it. Then I was told I never had it -then i was told I had it again! I was referred to a specialist who told my that i actually had antiphosfilipid syndrome and that it links to lupus.

In these last 5 years I have suffered severe joint pains mainly but I have also realised I have been depressed, lost my sex drive completely, lost a lot of hair and have bald patches and am always tired and ratty, losing my temper quickly.

Last month I have been put on aspirin and hydroxiquillan. Since then I am now suffering with pins and needs in my hands/fingers...mostly on the left side.

Is all of this normal to lupus/antiphosfilipid?

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hydroxichloroquin...i meant


Hi baz12, I would say this normal to Lupus, every day is different and if a good day comes along you definitly know about it. It's a constant roller coaster of ups and downs.If your still depressed you can get help from your doc,but don't leave it to carry on. I was diagnosed NOV 2011 and I am still learning things about my conditions. I have SLE, Fibromyalgia,Sjogrens and Rynauds,the most annoying thing is trying to get the world around you to understand. You can end up with so many ailments and no one to talk too, so dn't be a stranger there are lots of people on here who would be happy to help you. Hope you feel better soon. xx


thanks...yes that is what I find that im suffering but people think im being a drama queen or exaggerating things...its so frustrating..


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