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This petition is reaching the end of it's life

I feel very strongly about this petition. Dr Pal was a junior doctor in Staffordshire, who bravely blew the whistle early on in the awful catastrophe which unfolded in this area. Like most whistleblowers, she was subjected to the most diabolical and wrong culture for doing so, and in effect lost her medical career. Dr Pal went on to found NHS Exposed which is how I met her. It was a place to turn to when my family was being trashed locally, for following up my own PCT's pressure to make a formal complaint - about a surgery which caused my entire family extreme misery, with untreated and dangerous infections in my small children, let alone my own!

So... if you can spare a minute, this petition needs more than just your signature, it needs to be passed on to your friends, work colleagues and relatives for them to do the same.

Please help if you can, there seem to be many people on this forum who have had terrible treatment and have felt powerless when complaining! This could make a difference.

Thanks Mary F x

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