Financial help ?

my daughter has recently diagnoised with SLE and Nephitis stage 4.

Due to her being a minor and having to be present at all hospital appointments, I am not able to work, therefore do no get paid, as my holiday and sickness allocation has been used up when she was first in hospital for 5 weeks I have no choice but to take unpaid leave. therefore my wage sis short every month and I struggling to make ends meet and going into debt.

I know I can apply for disability allowance , is there anything else I can apply for....

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There is a carers component for DLA which you can apply for if you are caring for someone who has DLA. Does your daughter have DLA then maybe you could apply for the carers component. If you have DLA at the higher level you can also apply for a car badge which may assist you when escorting your daughter anyone ie to shops/hospital appointments. The citizens advice bureau can help you with completing relevant forms for DLA.


I was advised, becuase I earn over £100 per week, I can not apply for the carers component. !!! do you know if this is true. ? I have just sent off the forms for DLA... I am worried though - due to all the cuts the goverment is doing :( fingers crossed


Hi there, I do not know about the earning over £100 weekly affecting this. I think you can ring the benefits advice line and find out. If you get turned down for your DLA I am getting the impression that a lot of people are appealing this - so don;t worry about doing this. I know that Lupus UK have a form/letter that can help you with applying for benefits. If you contact/message Paul from this site or ring Lupus UK then they may be able to assist. I do hope that you are successful in your claim.


Your right, you cannot claim carers allowance if you earn over £100 per week. My daughter gets it for my grandson who has autism. However you can still get DLA for your daughter.


HI have you thought of contacting Social Services, I know when i was ill i called them and they helped with a lot of things, as your child is ill and not attending school etc you may be assigned someone to help especially with a tutor while not in school. I hope this helps.

COntact there is also a tool that helps work out help you can get and a telephone number, they are very helpful.


£100 per week is the cut off point for carers allowance, however you should claim DLA.


Yes you should get in touch with a social worker as the social worker will be able to help in finding a carer for your daughter when you are at work. Your daughter might be able to get some money from your council to help to pay the carer.

If your daughter is now registered as disabled I think your work should give you the time off to attend appointments.

You might not get the DLA first time round so a social worker should be able to help or put you in touch with the local welfare rights officer who will be able to appeal for you and even attend any tribunal you may have to attend with your daughter.

Don't forget voluntary groups who will be able to help with your daughter, again the social worker should be able to give you more details.

all the best. xx


Do get in touch with Social Services, they sent a benefits advisor to my home who went through everything with me, so much less stressful than job centres, phonecalls and internet.

Good luck. Rxxx


What a good thing countries where sufferer gets disable allowence and the care giver , i wish i had been there as i have suffered a lot in sense of Job/Finance or the whole period !


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