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Mum's work

My mum has been told many times that she shouldn't be working and in fact should be claiming disability. But being the strong and determined woman that she is.. she has continued working at the primary school she always worked at.

She recently went to the hospital regarding her work and they told her that until July this year, she is okay to work. However after that.. there may have to be a further look into weather she can work or not.

For my mum, not working would be terrible. She likes to keep busy and help out as much as possible. Also working with kids cheers her up :) She loves them and they love her. She can't stand to be sat still for too long and she needs help the income of the house (or so she thinks). Her job makes her happy and it's taken her a long time to get as qualified as she is :) I'm really proud of her!

But I also worry. She over works herself to the point that when she finally slows down at the weekends she gets very ill. By ill I mean achey and sore and tired. I hate seeing her so low because that's just not my mum at all. When she comes home from work she then cooks and maintains the house. I do try to help around as much as I can but then i'm not always in the best of moods coming home at half five shattered from my day at work.

I'm worried that when she can't work she will either go into depression and get really ill. But then I worry that she'll make up other jobs to do around the house and outside of work and drive herself mad trying to make up for it.

Am i just being stupid and worrying too much?

Appreciate any advice and just any response really xx

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Hi! Your mum is lucky to be cared about so much and I am sure she appreciates all the help you give her :-). Could she cut her hours down to part time for the forseeable future? That way she can enjoy seeing the children but also rest more. And has she got things like a dishwasher etc to nake chores easier? You could always help make a vat of meals for the week ahead at the weekend that can then be reheated each night, making evenings easier? Goodluck x


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