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Poor little Mira 🐶

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Hi Folks for everyone that has been following Mira,s story, she is now almost 18 months and yesterday we had her spayed - she is feeling very sorry for herself and her mum Bea yesterday was looking all around the house for Mira whilst she was having her operation - Bea has been and still is the most fantastic mum - anyway I think she looks very cute in her little vest to stop her licking her wound 🐶

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Give her a cuddle from me 🤗

I will do - hope you are doing ok x

Joints full of pixies with drills today 😝

Oh no that sounds painful 🥰

Pesky pixies! I hope there's some way you can be away with the fairies xxx

she looks very cosy

Oh bless her. Plenty of TLC and she will soon be feeling much better. How are you doing lovely? Xxx

I’m doing really well thanks Cecily - almost back to usual self - hope you are doing ok xxx

Oh that is good news. I have a UTI at the moment but on antibiotics so hopefully will get some relief xxx

Oh no that’s not good - so painful UTI,s hope you feel better soon xxx

Thank you so much xxx

Awwwww…poor little thing. Give her hugs and kisses from me. Just prayed for her you and Bea.

Thanks for sharing sweetie.

Blessings abundant.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

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svfarmer in reply to honeybug

Thanks so much honeybug - your very kind - sending lots of love to you ❤️

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Ah bless her❣, I'm sorry she's feeling poorly after her op. She does look a little sorry for herself, but hopefully she will soon be back to her normal mischievous self, with a little cosseting from her two mummies. 🙂🐶 & hope you are recovering well yourself sv


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svfarmer in reply to daisydayz

Thanks so much daisy yes I’m doing really well Thankyou xx

Poor Mira.that’s part of being a responsible owner.

When my dog was spayed,she went to lie on my sons bed.

He felt so sorry for her,he slept on the floor for 3 nights.

I hope she soon feels better x

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svfarmer in reply to Oshgosh

😂😂 now that is love 😘

Woof Woof Mira, we are all thinking of you. You will forget about it very soon and you will be back to your normal happy bouncey self.

Looking cute in your wee vest 💜

Aw, the poor little mite, she does look out of sorts. Hopefully she will be back to her cheeky little self soon. How is your recovery going SV ?xx

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svfarmer in reply to Londongigi

I’m doing really well Thankyou - very tired but that’s nothing new 😂❤️

Aaaaaw. That’s so cool that you have mom and daughter. I love it. Probably provides her more comfort.

Speaking of surgeries, how are you recovering?

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svfarmer in reply to Jmiller623

Yes both mum and daughter are very close - I’m doing really well Thankyou, almost back to normal, Thankyou for asking - hope things are ok with you xx

She is beyond cute in her little white vest 😌. You just wish they could talk sometimes and tell you how they are feeling . Hugs 🤗 xx

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svfarmer in reply to Tiggywoos

She is very quiet and as always just wants to be sat on my lap 🥰

Hi svfarmer. What a beautiful doggy. I love her eyebrows. Like a hairy old man. I had a beautiful dog called Bella. She looked old before her time, lots of grey in her coat. Pets can save our sanity!! I’ve posted quite a few pics of my Eric. (My lovely Syrian hamster). I bet people are sick of seeing him!

My Eric playing with a carrot!
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svfarmer in reply to Vixen2

Mr Eric is so cute and we love seeing him- are pets are so important to us - my grown up son (32) rang me yesterday crying , I said what’s wrong - his little hamster of 6 months had died , he was beside himself - so sad - have a lovely weekend x

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Vixen2 in reply to svfarmer

Thanks svfarmer. Sorry about your son’s hammy. It doesn’t matter how small our pets are. It’s how much we love them that matters. I know how sad it is. Mr Eric’s my 6th one. Always painful when they go. But i’m addicted to them & they’re very independant & really cheer you up! Have a nice weekend. X

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svfarmer in reply to Vixen2


It is so hard when a pet dies. Hamsters have such short lives but when they die so young it is awful. I had a pure white named Casper and he only lived to be 8 months. Was later told that albino and albino type have drastically reduced life spans. I was just glad that I could make his short little life a happy one. Xx

Ahh I didn’t know that about albino hamsters xx

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GloomyEeyore in reply to Vixen2

Ohhh I love hamsters. Have two, in separate cages. Rosie and Fiesty Flora. Pic is of Rosie. Xx

Rosie hamster

And Flora doing what she does best- biting the bars! Xx

Flora hamster

Rosie and Flora are so cute! All these wonderful sharing of pets is making my Friday special. Thank you for sharing .

Healing hugs.

😂😂and that’s why she’s called feisty flora xx

Oh yes that and she is not the easiest to handle! Doesn’t bite just wriggles and squirms a lot. When she first came home she was climbing to those bars and got nicknamed spider monkey! She can also jump higher than any hamster I have had before! Xx

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Vixen2 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Hi GloomyEeyore. You’ve got great taste. Rosie’s beautiful. I think i’m having a midlife crisis. I’ve been living with hamsters since i was 40. (50 now!!) They’re just so funny & sweet & independant. I like male hamsters more. They don’t seem to be as moody as females. I had a female called Naughty Nellie. She lived up to her name. Got behind my washing machine. Bit through some wires. Buggered it. The men that took the machine, couldn’t believe she was still alive! I thought. MALES FROM NOW ON! Enjoy hamstering x

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GloomyEeyore in reply to Vixen2

I’ve been keeping hamsters since I was 24, 44 now. Male hamsters are more docile and easier tamed. When I bought Rosie I was told she was male! Spent three weeks as Charlie! Have had 15 altogether including two long haired males, Hairy Harry and Furry Freddie. They were adorable. Xx

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Vixen2 in reply to GloomyEeyore

I defo agree. All have different characters. I had:

BIG BAZ, CHEEKY CHARLIE, NAUGHTY NELLIE, IAN, RODNEY (from Only Fools n Horses!) & my latest. SIR ERIC. Rodney lived the longest. He was 3.5. A strong old boy!

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svfarmer in reply to Vixen2

What great hamster names Vixen x

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Vixen2 in reply to svfarmer

Thanks. I had considered Keith, Kevin or Graham or Steven. I just love human names for pets. I haven’t got a dog. Not allowed 1 in my Peabody flat. But i love the thought of having a dog called Dave. When you’re in the park shouting out for Dave & about 10 men look round. Just makes me laugh!

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GloomyEeyore in reply to Vixen2

I like human names for pets too. Only exception I had was Toffee, who was adopted. She already had a name. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to Vixen2


Just love the names of your hamsters - Rosie looks a lovely furry girl xx

She is very affectionate. Will quite happily sit and cuddle in whilst being held. Xx


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Pumpkin2009 in reply to Vixen2

No way could I get sick of seeing Mr. Eric. He is adorable. I know that without my Pumpkin and Gigi, I would not make it some days. They always seem to know what I need. Sometimes it is just to cuddle (that is Pumpkin my always loving cat), or to laugh (that is Gigi, my full of spirit and loving dog ).

Healing hugs.

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Vixen2 in reply to Pumpkin2009

I know exactly how u feel. If i’m in pain. Or knackered from yet another hospital visit, when i hear Mr Eric chewing on his nuts (oo er). I can’t help but cheer up!!

Aww bless her 💜🐶 Her little vest is so cute!! She'll soon be up n about, just like you sv 🤗 I'm so happy to hear that you're recovering well after your op too!! 🌈😽😽Xx

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svfarmer in reply to Krazykat26


So much more dignified than the cones they put round their necks. Wishing all a speedy recovery and a TGIF! Namaste 🙏 🧘‍♀️❤


Aww, poor wee Mira.😘 It will be sore for a while but she’ll soon be feeling better I’m sure. 🙏🏻 I hope you are feeling much stronger now SV.🙏🏻 Love and hugs to you both and to Bea too. 💕🤗😘xxx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe

Thanks so much Spotty, I took Mira back to vets today, they took her dressing off - she didn’t like that as pulled her skin - but she’s doing very well and so am I Thankyou - have a lovely weekend xx

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Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Ouch, no wonder Mira didn’t like her dressing being removed. But I’m so pleased to hear you are both doing very well. Thanks for your kind wishes and I’m wishing you, the girls and Ian all a good weekend too. 🤗😘 xxxx

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svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


Poor wee Mira. She will bounce back before you know it and be her usual self. Xx


She looks adorable, wishing her a speedy recovery, bless her.🐕

Awwwww, poor little fur baby - she does look very sorry for herself!

I'm sure the two of you will cuddle up together - very gently - for lots of therapeutic hugs.

Here are a few more from me,


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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

Thankyou so much Meg for your hugs- I love a hug and so does Mira - have a lovely weekend xx

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MEGS53 in reply to svfarmer

Same to you, xxxxx

Aww lots of big doggie cuddles 🥰❤️

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svfarmer in reply to jopo280886


Oh my goodness! Little brave Mira. I know she is wondering what has happened, but will feel better soon. Give here a cuddle from me and to Bea, also, as she is probably concerned about what is happening to Mira. So glad to hear that you are doing well. Now just need to get Mira better.

Healing hugs to all of you.

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svfarmer in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thanks Pumpkin - yes Bea keeps sniffing Mira,s bits wondering what’s going on- have a lovely weekend xx

I do hope svfarmer, Mira is feeling more herself soon after her big op. Lovely you are returning the complement and helping her in her hour of need. Gorgeous too that Bea missed her whilst she was at the vets!. Thats such a special bond. Do give her a cuddle from me too svfarmer. 🐶❤🐶🤞🐶❤🐶Xx

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svfarmer in reply to misty14


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misty14 in reply to svfarmer


Wishing the magnificent Mira a speedy recovery! She does look sweet in her “theatre gown”.


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