Yummy Flap-jacks

Hi everyone.

As you know I've been trialing quite a brutal vegan diet with no gluten, sugar or dairy. I have since relaxed the diet and started eating eggs, goat butter, salmon and chicken, but I'm still avoiding all dairy except goats butter, and staying sugar free and gluten free -this is because I have noticed that I do react to dairy and gluten and I know that sugar is also inflammatory. I have noticed that I've had a couple 'good days' recently (with more energy and less pain) and I'm hoping that's due to the diet. However I'm gearing up to take the steroids as I realise that I need to get the inflammation under control and not leave it untreated.

Here is a yummy healthy recipe for gluten free, sugar free flap-jacks:


5oz goat butter

5oz syrup (I did 4oz rice syrup+ 1oz of date syrup)

9oz of gluten free porridge oats ( from free-from section in sainsburys)

2oz sultanas

1oz seeds (I did 1/2 oz seseme 1/2 oz sunflower)

preheat oven 180'c/fan 160'c/gas 4

line the base of 20x20cm tin with grease proof paper

melt the syrup and butter in a pan together on a low heat

remove from heat and stir in the dry ingredients

press into the tin and bake for 20mins or when they look golden

cool for 5 mins then mark into squares

cool in the tin completely before cutting into squares to stop crumbling.

They only take around 10 mins to make, so I managed it without getting too tired...and they are really worth it!

Enjoy :-)

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Thanks for sharing your recipe. We're currently working on a fundraising cookbook. If you'd like to submit this, or other recipes, you can find the details here -


Sounds yummy, think I will have to give this a go. M


They sound delicious! Hopefully my lead legs will have a better day tomorrow so I can go to Sainsbury's and get the ingredients!!


Hello, really want to thank you for putting this recipe on here and for keeping us up to date with your incredibly strict diet!!!

I have lupus and APS so am very interested but even more importantly my son has asthma and is on strong inhalers which has given him candida and have found out he's intolerant to cheese ( easy to deal with), yeast & sugar!!!! He's only just turned 6 bless, so it's very difficult to find nice, treat like food! These will be brilliant!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! X


Hi Maraid, so glad this recipe will be helpful! I'll post any other healthy treat foods that I find too xx


Much appreciated!! X


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