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Hurrah for small achievments!

Well today I am feeling a little bit pleased with myself after managing to achieve a little swim. I think before this illness I took it for granted that I could just nip off to do this without a moments hesitation. Whereas now I fight the fatigue, aches and a thumping headache before even stepping out the house. But today I was determined to go as my muscles seem to be getting weaker.

Admittedly I swam at a much slower pace then before and at times I felt like a one legged frog as my left leg seemed to be weaker and my shoulders a little achy as I swam. What was good was that I was able to do simple exercises in the water whereas on 'dry land' I am struggling with some weakness in my legs at the mo! Anyway, during my swim I was able to reflect and appreciate that I am now more grateful for small achievements than I ever have been.

As I got out of the pool admittedly I felt like an old lady (I'm 49) as my walk was stiff, very slow steps and laboured which can make me feel a little self conscious. This did ease off after a few minutes though. Back to being positive though....the swim was good, I loved being in the water and made me feel a little more alert and positive......Yay!! Result!!

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yay! That's great!

I too had a 'good day' on Sunday and managed a swim also. It feels so wonderful to be in the water, weightless and supported. I too felt incredibly grateful to have made it there and celebrate these small achievements! I always watch the clock though, as the water can be so supportive that I sometimes don't realise til I get out how exhausted I become and like you said, I hobble out towards the changing rooms!

Hurray to being able to swim :-)


Hi Dryad, thanks for your comments:) It's good to hear that you too enjoyed being a water baby too. I think like you said it's the feeling weightless that helps. I too was conscious of not over doing it even though was a bit tempted. I wonder why it is we hobble and are stiff afterwards, given that we have just's a funny thing as it only lasts minutes and then it's fine again! Yep I have decided if I win the lottery then a house with a swimming pool it just has to be:) ! In the meantime I think my motto is to ....'Keep swimming". Take Care. M


Well done!! I have been thinking of trying to swim but am worried about trying to get out of the pool as my upper arm muscle is playing up. Also it is bad enough walking with my lead legs and stiffness which never seems to go away so am concerned if I manage to get out of the pool not being able to move. I have always liked swimming and am sure I would feel better for you mention feeling more alert....that sounds good! Well done though you have got further than me.


Thanks Loopy-lou. I completely get your fears as funny enough today the thought about being able to get out the pool crossed my mind too (as I was getting out of the pool I have to admit.....clearly I was not thinking ahead, duh me! ) I hope you get a good day soon with regards to muscle weakness and are strong enough to go too. Ha ha I hope the alertness I had lasts a day or two as sometimes it's like I am in my own little haze. Take care. M


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