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Ankle pain

For over a year now I have constant pain in my ankles. After changing doctors and getting the sle diagnosis my consultant suggested lodine to try and kill the pain which worked for a while but not for the past few months . I'm on my feet all day in work and I know this isn't helping. Even lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep its a constant throbbing pain in both ankles and it's driving me crazy. Need at least 11 hrs sleep a night to look slightly more human lol. People at work laugh when I say I only slept maybe 8 hrs and feel/ look crap. They don't get it.

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Sounds very upsetting! it could be a spot of tendinitis! either way i would find a decent physio.. acupuncture helped mine.. i went for ages thinking it was lupus doing its thing.. but a clever physio pointed out it was tendinitis..

good luck scooby!


I have had constant pain in my feet and ankles for years, I can actually feel my bones cracking as I walk it is so painful and your right at night it can become unbearable I am lucky if I get 4-5 hrs sleep a night, probably why I get so exhausted during the day. I take pregablin for the pain and naproxen to relax the muscles as the same thing happens with my wrists and fingers. Sometimes it helps but at other time during flares it does nothing. Sorry to hear of your pain Scoobydoo hope you get some relief soon. Trish


sorry you are having such a tough time. i have been through periods of pain in ankles and legs. As you are on your feet all day I wonder if you have tried support stockings i found them helpful.

hope you improve soon. tupa


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