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Problems when not in the sun

I have always had to be careful about exposure to the sun as I don't only get weals on any exposed skin, but all my other symptoms get worse.

I thought I was alright inside, however. Lately I have spent quite a bit of time in the conservatory with the sun streaming in through the windows and I am now in the midst of a bad lupus flare.

Anyone else have similar problems? I don'r really want to sit in a shady room looking out!


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Hi when l sit in my conservatory, l make sure l am covered in factor 50 sun screen, and clothes that cover most parts. l then put up my husband large fishing umbrella, and sit under this. sounds crazy but at least l can sit knowing l am safe. otherwise l get a bad lupus flare, and skin rash everywhere. I use an special UV lined umbrella when l go out ,you can buy them at Umbrella Heaven on the computer. hope this helps x x


Hi Margaret

Glass does not offer any protection to the sun, unless it has been treated and has a UV filter, so basically you are sitting in the sun and should take all the precautions that you would take if sitting outside in the garden. Sad but true!



Thanks for your replies. I should have realised.

I think the blinds will have to stay shut, and the roof does have a special treatment.

Still prefer sunlight even if I do stay inside.



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