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Hi all! Has anyone had problems with holes appearing in the diaphragm and loops of bowel going up into chest cavity? Can't breathe, had CT

Scan today. Now waiting for results to reach GP and for him to send me on to have a bit of chicken wire stuck in this hole or to have a consultant tell me "It's lupus, you can have imaginary problems with that, you know!!" Anyone else had either of these problems? Hope no-one suffering too much today. Keep your ............ up!!!!

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Has this problem been confirmed, diaphragmatic perforation is for all intense and purposes life threatening, the diaphragm assists in the extension and relaxation of the ribs and indeed intercostal spaces, without it you would be able inhale and exhale causing lungs to collapse eventually leading to severe respiratory distress or collapse.


Medic1969, thanks for this. X-ray showed loop of bowel in chest cavity, had to pay privately for CT scan or wait 6 weeks. Getting harder to breathe every day. Worst in morning and evening with pressure under the ribs. Any exertion is awful with struggling for breath. Hope to have results to CT early next week. Frightening position to be in and I dread going to bed.


after reading your reply, i would attend ed if your breathing is bad, considering your ct results, it may be a way of getting seen by a surgeon asap. Dont mean to frighten you but diaphragmatic perforation is serious.


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