Long sleeved summer tops?

Hi all,

Just got back from a lovely and relaxing break from Centre Parcs in the Lakes! Weather superb, but spent most of my time dodging the sun - so much I was on the verge of paranoia lol! However, prior to my break visited many shops, Marksies, BHS, Warehouse, Debinhams and could not find any long sleeved Tunics. Ended up purchasing a cotton shirt from Fat Face which cost a pretty penny in the Lakes and wore that over my tops - after 4 days I felt like a tramp lol! Factor 50 and a wide brimmed floppy hat with big sun glasses - didn't look like a movie star but stood out for all the wrong reasons lol!

Can anyone recommend were I can purchase long sleeved tops, especially tunics now that the weather is getting hotter and I need to cover up?

Thanks, Lulabelle x

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  • Was exactly in the same position as you, impossible to find any light weight long sleeved tops. The solution I found was e bay, most are second hand, but you can be picky and only choose ones in good condition, many at really good prices too. I have bought about half a dozen off e bay and have been pleased with most of them.

    Give it a try.

  • I was going to suggest ebay too-go around charity shops and car boot fairs. You never know what you may find! The important thing is to cover up. I am trying to do the same! Good Luck.

  • If you google Uniglo. They sell cotton and linen tops and tunics. Some are long sleeved and they also sell a few uv protected items although they are not 100% protective. I've just bought a uv protected cardigan from them, i was expecting something thick and heavy, but it was really thin and light. Primark sell long sleeved Tshirts in different colours and they are as cheap as chips. Trying find suitable clothing for this weather is such a nightmare!

  • Try asian clothes shops,they do some lovely tunics and plain ones are quite cheap x

  • Cotswold Outdoor Royal Robbins UV protective 50SPF long sleeve tops

  • Hi been in Marks and spencers today and bought long sleeve linen top they have several different colours, Sainsbury's have some too, look in the swimwear section in the shops as they have a lot of long sleeve cover tunics that you could wear over a t shirt too. Try online if your local shops don't have them hope this helps

  • I have bought tops from Fairtrade. Mainly Indian cottons. Reasonable and worthy.


  • Ladies you have all been little Diamonds. I have purchased 2 x long sleeved Kaftans from Very.co.uk in the sale one purple and the other black. Price including delivery £20. As front is a little lower than I would like I have 2 x string tops (thin) from Marksies that I can wear underneath for added protection.

    I will keep my eye out for other bargains and let you know of anymore!

    Keep wearing the sun cream, floppy hats and silly glasses lol!

    Thanks, Lulabelle x

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