This Really helped me

I've just joined the group - I'm in the midst of a flare up because I ignored the warning signs, but I use NES health products, in addition to loads of supplements and they have really really helped me. Take a look at their website i leave the rest up to you. I'm having to use pain killers at the moment, but not nearly as many as I would have used in the past.

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  • So glad this is helping you Chuni,,hey do you have a link at all ?

  • You need to take a look on google - the company is based in dorset - but I found someone who lives near me, who helped me, there is a list of practitioners who are qualified with different expertise. I don't know if its appropriate/allowed to actually mention their exact details after some of the allegations suggested to me. sorry

  • I am like you, I dont know where Id have been without the help of a iridologist and the drops he has prescribed, I dont take steroids anymore, rely on supplements, Bromalin, Q10 and his drops now, Hope your flare settles

  • Thank you, thats really kind. An iridologist recommended to me the goat whey, in the US they call it (goat milk magic, sweet!) How much bromalin do you take?

  • Hi Chuni, I am also having a bad flare up at present and resorted to co-codomol last night until I get an early appt with my rheumatologist. Up to now I have relied on steroid injections but will look at some of the products you mentioned above. Thank you.

  • yes, I'm taking solpadol 30/500mgs at the moment. Once the flare up passes, I've found that goat milk mineral whey, which I buy from the US on line, really helps keep the aches and pains away and its a grat natural source of minerals and calcium. I ended up taking it 3 x a day. Awful taste in the beginning, but I got used to it!

  • Hi Chuni -- do you have any financial interest in NES health products? Your post sounds vague and suspicious. Apologies if you are genuine but my gut is telling me you are not.

  • Hi. I hope everyone here is still genuine as we already have more than enough to deal with. Anyone who is using this site to mislead others or for self-promotion, please leave. We are a caring community and we try to give genuine help and support to each other.

    I trust that genuine members will understand our concerns and therefore not be offended.

    Take care all x x

  • nicely put (better than me!!!) xx

  • See my reply -

  • If any member is not genuine and is trying to mislead or sell, then they will be removed from the site.

  • I hope you've seen my reply!

  • Hi, I absolutely no financial investment in NES. Sorry if my post was vague - just because something worked for me it doesn't mean its going to work for everyone else. I was only trying to help...blimmy -

    Take a look - i know about the company because I've used the products - I've also used others which I haven't bothered to mention which I have to import from the States. Anyway..The gut insticnt was wrong and this isn't obviously a friendly support group I had percieved it to be!

  • I feel compelled to comment after reading this thread Chuni. I don't think your post is suspicious in any way and feel that you have been treated quite unfairly. Don't let the other comments cloud your judgement of this site. Most people are intelligent enough to work out for themselves if someone is trying to sell something and don't need others speaking up on their behalf. I feel like this has turned into a paranoid witch hunt when all you were trying to do was share some good will.

    Thank you Chuni, I'll check out the site you suggested and make up my own mind. I feel the people who have been suspicious about your intentions should've contacted you privately and aired their concerns rather than leaving you to try and defend yourself for all to see. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?!

    Take care Chuni and please don't leave!

    Alison x

  • Look Chuni I apologised in advance if I was wrong ... only you know if I am.

    Try reading your initial post once again and perhaps you will see that it sounds very much like those written by product promoters on numerous other illness related support forums.

    We are friendly here, but we don't want anyone who is trying to sell a product without saying clearly. It is common practice on support group forums to state that you have no financial interest when mentioning a specific brand name product or directing people to check out this great website!!

    Sorry but I really have to add ... even your title sounds like a phishing email so calm down dear and welcome to the site.

  • Just a little something I found... adventuresinnonsense.blogsp...

  • How unkind. You have found a couple of negative articles from 4 years ago. I think its appaling, in fact I am astonished, that you belittle a remedy, herb or treatment that may have and has help others. The practitioner who treated me was a highly qualified intelligent individual who amongst other things supported me through a really nasty flare up in addition to recommending the NES drops which, yes, really help me. There are many 'quantum' devices available which help people enormously. I haven't tried many, but I've met people who have and who have had fabulous results. A friend of mine daughter has MS and she has dramactically improved because of them. I have taken a look at NES helth website, - it seems they've been going for 10 years - they must be doing something right in a recession.

    I was diagnosed with Lupus over 20 years ago and with various alternative medicine and supplements I have used it has kept me away from a really debiliting illness. I wish I never joined this site, it's appaling it's advertised as a support group. Ill and unwell people need kindness, understanding and perhaps empathy. Immediately i joined I was targetted with incorrect and unkind allegations I think the "be in the spirit of the site, share inform And SUPPORT definitely did not aply to me.

  • Hi Chuni,

    I'm very sorry that you feel you have been targeted and people have been unkind.

    I do not believe that anything said was meant to be personal or unkind. The members of this community are very supportive (just take a look at other discussions). You should appreciate that they must be alert to any potential scams, I'm sure that you would be also be wary.

    I can see no harm in other members sharing articles they have found that criticise NES. Is it not better to have more information available so that people can make an informed decision?

    I'm very pleased to hear that you've found alternative therapies helpful to your condition and I invite you to share more details. I hope that you will consider it.