Hello everybody I'm new to the site and this is my first blog post.I have not actually had lupus confirmed yet ,my doctor thinks this is what I have so has sent me to have it diagnosed by a rheumatologist who has taken lots of bloods , an ultrasound scan of my hands due to swelling and some muscle tests due to muscle pain on exertion I also get fatigued very quickly and have a low grade fever all the time.Due to all the nice weather we had a few wks ago I. Started with a bad rash on chest,shoulders,arms. Even on my head the doc gave me some antistamines called fexofenadine which has calmed the rash down but it is taking forever to go .How does the rash affect any of you?

I also have other autoimmune diseases .xx

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hi it does sound lke lupus but there are so many different types so good luck with a diagnosis i currently have the rash on both my arms and my face and legs i look like something from a horror film its worse when its hot weather as i get really bad migranes to go wth it but we all have good days and bad x hope they sort you out soon so you can start the appropriate treatment i was diagnosed last sep and still havnt got meds right but eventually it will be sorted hope all goes well for you good luck xxx


hi millyg as helen says it sounds like it, again there are different symptoms for all us lupus sufferers, at the moment i have the rash on my chest,face, and top of my back which at times can feel like its burning, the sun will not help the rashes so using a high sun block cream will be helpful to you and to wear daily come rain or shine.i also have rhematoid arthristis a long side the lupus, so days can be very up and down but try and stay positive. i hope they diagnose soon, so that treatments and medication can help you sooner rather then later just remember your not alone and can get alot of support from this site

take care xx


Would just like to say Thankyou for your comments I will be glad to just have a diagnoses and that the doctors don't think I am a hypocondriact.i am also AMA positive and Have Pbc,hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia ,anaemia do most of you have other autoimmune problems as well or just the lupus ? Xxxx


hi millyg

i have Rhematiod arthristis, as well as the lupus, to be honest i think most lupus patients do have i or 2 other conditions it seems to be the norm, anaemia is quite common. if you are ANA postive you do have lupus, although lupus sufferers can also be negative and have the disease, hope this is of help to you

take care

angie xx


hi millyg

I do not think the rash ever goes completely as i have sle lupus and i have had my rash for as long as i can remember.

I have mine on my neck and chest and it has been there for years, i used to put it down to the sun although i did not sunbathe as i used to burn easily.

My rhuemy said the first time he saw my neck he knew i had lupus before he did the tests as it is a giveaway.

Since then it is very red during the summer months but the redness is not so bad in the winter.

My gp once gave me steriod cream to try but it did not take it away.

My family make a bigger thing of it than i do,i tell them it does not bother me what it looks like, as i cannot get rid of it.

Take care Lornadoon


my rash/es keep appearing, spread over my chest, itchy, & now my face has same rash ( never mind the larger patches of DLE on & around my face that I've had for 4 years. I'm waiting to see my 1st Dermo next Mon, be interesting as to what he/she says...especially as my new Dr (I moved to a new area agian this year) told me she hardly knows about Lupus (she will by the time she's seen me a few more times! ;) & fobbed me off onto Dermo waiting list!

Good luck with your rash!


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