Early symptoms of liver cirrhosis

I have developed continuous pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.i have other symptoms like red palms and feet,pale stools,mild swelling in fingers and ankles,mild itching,loss of appetite.all my blood work were normal including liver function tests and clotting factors.ultrasound scan of the abdomen was also doctor thinks it could be celiac disease and asked me to avoid milk and wheat products.i am very much worried if my liver is been attacked by antibodies.what are all the early symptoms of liver there any specific tests to identify early stage liver disease.please help.

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I had this when I was 3 years of age and had a liver biopsy done to confirm. I am now 55 but have had SLE FIBRIMYALGIA AND S/S for the last 30years. Do you have any jaundice?.

Tell your doctor what you are thinking and then he can put your mind at rest. Xx


Hi, I have a similar condition and I am to be investigated for Crohn's which my son has. symptoms are similiar


I am having the same problems with pain URQ. I was in the ER all day last Saturday. My finding are Echogenic liver suggesting hepatocellular disease. Fingings most consistent with liver steatosis. OMG, will I now develop Cancer of the liver. I have a Dr's appt on Tuesday. I took myself off the plaquenil x 1 week now. I'm feeling better ? Feeling lost !!


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