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I was recently diagnosis with lupus about three years ago, in which I am now in remission. I attended lot of meetings for info regarding this autoimmune illness. Received training from the organization, has books, knowledgeable of nightshade fruits and vegetables..........However, gaining extremely large amount of weight............need to know does any have info on how to get this weight off?

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My diagnosis is recent and after researching I'm eating a low GI vegetarian food. which would reduce weight for most people. Ive maintained the same weight on prednisolone & hydroxychloroquine, since last october. Have you come across low GI in your training?


No I have not what is GI vegetarian foods? I am unabled to take any lupus medications, prednisolone & hydroxychloroquine allergic reactions to them.


what was your dosage on prednisolone mines only 5 but i here this tink can weeken ligaments over a period of time


Sebitha, nice to meet and communicate with another person with lupus.


Good evening everyone! I've had quite the day......just diagnosed with SLE Lupus......I'm so scared!

Can anyone tell me what to expect?


Expect a rollercoaster of emotions, symptoms, trialing medication, side effects, ups and downs. We've been there and got the Tshirt, so do ask us whatever you want to know, there's bound to be someone on the forum who experienced it.

Try and open a new post rather than use this one. That way you get targeted responses. If you want to ask a question, go under the Questions tab and click Ask a Question. Same process for a new Post, only you go under Post tab above.

Fear is normal - try not to panic as you read how much can go wrong - don't forget that we are each unique so not everything applies to everyone.

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depends where u have the pain is it feet, red ,cold feet, ringing in one ear knees ankles nodules you can see coming on the 2 index fingers. depends on where your imune system decides that this is a body part that should not be here. everyone seem to be different thats all i can tell u AND DONT FORGET IT CAN GO AWAY FOR YEARS THEN COME BACK. try not to worry about it cos this can leed to imflamation waiting or thinking of somthing the least little thing you feel on your body.

hope this give u some info.


Hi royalsmom7, welcome to the site firstly. And although it galls me to say the words I hated so much when I was first diagnosed (3+yrs ago) - no two people are the same and symptoms are individual. It will all depend on how you were diagnosed, on what symptoms and if your lupus has organ involvement or like many people has the daily symptoms of joint pain, fatigue, rashes, etc...etc...

When I was first diagnosed I bought a book on Lupus from the Lupus UK site and if you message either Paul or Hayley on here they will send you a welcome pack. I'm really sorry I couldn't have been more help as I hated being told that no-one could predict how the lupus will affect me but it really is the case - we just don't know how it will present itself.

Things that are important for all of us though include taking rest when needed, listening to our bodies messages when tired, trying to eat healthily and sensibly and keeping active (as much as is possible).

Take care and please message again or post questions if you need to know anything as people on here have a wealth of knowledge and experience.



Its nice to know someone else who is in remission it comes back on me just when i have got everything going good PLease do averyting u want to do cos ive gone back into flairing up again.

tel me did u have knee foot and ankle pains and red feet or any noduals coming up in hands.

regards john

on and of 5 times since 1991


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