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Washing additive?


Ive read that you can buy laundry additives that increase the UV protection level of clothes from about 5 to 30, the only product I've been able to find is RIT Sun Guard, but it doesn't seem to be widely available. I've found it on a couple of uk sites, but at a horrendously inflated price, the US website does not ship to the uk.

Does anybody know where to buy RIT Sun Guard laundry additive or know of any similar product available in the UK, preferably by mail/Internet? ( other than lainesworld )



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Dr Beckmann Glo white has a UV protector not sure if any of the other products do.


I found it on amazon RIT that is. It was very good. I will try the product suggested above now though!


I think the the company that did sun guard in the UK has shut down. I have been searching for a laundry additive that gives uv protection for some time. I will certainly check out Glo white. Thanks.


Thanks tidmusshaz,

Nanuuk and Melinda, careful what you buy!!

Not all Glo-white has UV protector.

I got the UV one in a very large branch of tesco, but noticed the one in my local co-op doesn't have the UV, nor did the one in Wilko's or Robert Dyas.

It is clearly stated on the box that it has UV protector but if you saw the ordinary box first, would you know? I doubt I would have realised it was different.

I don't know if it will be any good for colours or darks, as it claims to be a *superwhitener* might try it on something old first.

It's definately cheaper than The Sun Guard, three sachets in a box for £1.




Not sure if this discussion is still open but I am a supplier of the Sun Guard in the UK and you can find it on . Retail prices are unfortunately more than the USA as it has to be imported, but I had a request from a customer who suffers from Lupus, so managed to source it.


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