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Allergic to sun creams

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Hi, community.

My 14 year old granddaughter is going on her first school skiing trip next week. Her skin burns really badly but she comes out in a red, sore, itchy, painful rash if she applies "ordinary" sun creams, especially the Nivea ones. Anyone else out there, with a similar reaction to over-the-counter sun creams? And if so, any recommendations for a product we could buy in UK? Thanks.


10 Replies
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The chemist recommended vichey sun cream to me , but maybe if she could test some of the hypoallergenic cream before buying as they are quite expensive

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Thanks, weathervane. That's helpful advice. A blotchy, bumpy red face isn't a good look at the best of times but when you are 14...!


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weathervane in reply to skylark15

🤔 i cant remember back that far LOL

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I think ultrsun is the best spf product you can buy. Ideal for sensitive skin the face one isn't thick m creamy so sinks in. Always go for factor 50. QVC is the best and cheapest to buy it. And best of all only need to put on once a day first thing in the morning (unless it's very hot then do another application) xx

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Hi, Sherryb.

Thanks so much. I will buy some and take it round for my granddaughter to do a "patch test" after school.


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Great thread tess! I react to sunscreens too...have spent way too much trialling diff brands over the years & giving them all away. In Switzerland last year I picked up a new make:

Daylong 50+ for kids, a Nestlle skin health product

This is THE FIRST sunscreen I SEEM to be doing ok with 🤷‍♀️

Hope you'll let us know what does suit your v much feeling for her

🍀😘🍀😘 coco

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Hello. If she has lupus, has she tried the prescribed one, Ego Sun Sense SPF 50+? A lot of us use this one from the doctor, it really gives good protection. I hope you find something. Poor girl.

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Thanks, Wendy. She hasn't had any other symptoms (yet?) to suggest lupus. But good thinking, re the Ego Sun Sense product.


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Only just come across this thread so probably too late for your granddaughter but it sounds like she may be reacting to the sun as much as the sunscreen? If so a factor 50+ actual block is what is needed which reflects the sunlight and doesn’t absorb it. Sunsense is good and prescribable but my face reacts to this - it’s a good one for the body though as it’s not too thick so goes on easy and dries quickly and you can get little handbag sized bottles which is handy. Uvistat is another prescribable one but it didn’t work for me and can be greasy - if you go to their website they used to send out samples and were really helpful on the phone so you can at least try before you buy which is handy. The one I’m prescribed now and works well for me is La Roche Posay 50+. It’s thick and creamy so can take a little while to sink in but that could be the other total light block I have to mix it with that makes it that way.

My mum reacts to sunscreens and lotions but not the sun and she’s found boots own brand soltan very good but also has to use the total blocking factor 50+ one rather than one that absorbs sunlight to make sure she doesn’t react.

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Hi, Mifford.

Thank you so much for your reply. You have given some really helpful information and advice, which will be useful for the rest of my younger grandchildren who all seem to react to most suncreams. They don't get the itchy red rash in the sun that I do, so it is likely to be the creams, not the sun. I will talk to my dauughter about the products you have tried.

I've spent the last couple of days trying to keep out of this punishing sun: tricky when you're walking around lovely "Open Gardens". They didn't all have trees or shady areas. Lovely plants, though.

Thanks again; I really appreciate your reply.


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