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KEFIR milk- made with organic milk

Hi every,

I thought I would give you an update on this very interesting subject. I said I would update you if found a producer of Kefir made with organic milk. well I have found two producers in the UK outlined below:

1. Able & Cole kefir made from organic milk.You can buy it on line and there are no subscriptions you just buy as much as you need. please view the producer's video testimony it is very encouraging in regards to kefir. you can buy it from their web site below:


2. Norish organic milk Kefir. As well as the milk they also sell the culture kit so you can by it and make the milk at home if you prefer. It can be bought on line from their website. As far as I can see the product is produced in the UK and companies are based in the UK.


I am currently searching for a UK website to purchase the Kefir Grain so I have the whole product to make it at home. The problem is that the grain is in such demand most companies have sold out. if anyone knows a good company to buy it from please let me know.

please note I have ordered the milk from Able and Cole and the cultures from Nourish but have not yet received the product, so I cannot comment on it at present. I will offer a comment on them when I have received and used them.

I hope this is helpful.

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Interesting. I recently got some kefir online from Ocado (easy to do because I get my deliveries from them). Mine is made by Biotiful ( sp, but cold hands, sorry) and is available with organic milk. I'm fond of natural yoghurt and like kefir because it's a similar flavour. . Whether it's made any difference to my innards, I don't know.

I looked at getting kefir starter grains online, and see it's difficult to source. On a quick look, it seems you can only make it in large quantities? Too much for me to get through, anyway.


Thanks for that.


There is a farm which offers goat milk kefir in the U.K. Also, have you checked Amazon? I picked up water kefir grains this week and I'm just getting them going now.


Thanks silvergilt,

I will try amazon and see if i can get the milk one.



Dont forget chucklinggoat.co.uk/ if you read the A2 milk site, you will see the story about A2 milk protein, there seems to be some evidence that this is less inflammatory . Goats milk is naturally A2. It will be interesting to see what others thoughts are.


I saw that one. I do prefer goats milk as it is more agreeable to my stomach. But it seems u have to have a monthly subscription and it is very expensive. If i can purchase organic goats milk i will use this instead of cows, but organic goats milk is didficult to come by.

Thanks for your reply


I make my own kefir. I bought the grains (live grains not a powder) and just cultivate them for 24 hours. Loads of videos on YouTube. The shop bought has to be pasteurized (that kills off some of the good stuff) but you can make you own and drink it but not sell it.

I make about 6 fluid oz a day. You can get the grains easily just Google but you want the live not the powder.


Where do you get your grains from?


I got mine from here:


They grow after a few days and you have to either give them more milk or take about a third away and discard it. You can it if you want just reduce the amount you put in the jar.

You will need a plastic sieve and a few glasses or jars and plastic or wooden spoons. They don't like metal.

I use organic full milk not semi or skimmed and I like it cold so I am always drinking the batch I made yesterday. I culture it for 24 hours at room temp then strain it through a sieve into a basin and pour the kefir into a glass to go into the fridge and put the grains into about 6 - 8 oz of milk and start all over again.

Details here:


thank you for that I will look into it. great!!


Dr Sarah Myhill's website sell a kefir culture. Make it with soya milk - It's so easy!! Simply stir culture in, leave it at room temp for 24 hours. It goes kind of custardy. Put it in fridge; eat and enjoy. As it nears the end simply stir in another carton of soya milk and repeat process. I have had one culture ongoing for ages! If I'm going on holiday for any length of time I put it in the freezer; and defrost and start again when I get home. It's been amazingly helpful for my digestion.


didn't know you can freeze it. good to know. thanks


NB I make mine with soya milk. Don't know if it can be frozen with cows milk. Anyone out there know??


thank you everyone for all your help and advice. I have learnt so much about kefir, brilliant!!!!!


If you cannot find any and are willing to put your name and address on here (I don't think they do private messages) I will cultivate mine with extra milk and should have enough to send you in about a week or so. You only need about a dessert spoonful to start you off.


Thank you so much, that is very kind of you.

however blueash has given me a uk producer raw and pure where I can purchase it and they do a demo of how to make it. I have looked at their web and they look very promising.

I will have to wait until I am over my flare as my immune system is very suppressed currently due to meds and I don't want to risk an infection from taking it. I will try it as soon as it is safe to do so.


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