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hi, I've been under a consultant for 3 years now and as my illness overlaps several

they say I have undifferentiated connective tissue disorder. I had a urine test taken which was positive for leukocytes, but without infection and wanted to know if anyone else had this happen? also been put on Plaquenil and wanted to know if anyone had an experience with this? thanks x

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I've been taking plaquenil, which is a brand name for hydroxychloroquine, for over 6 years and I can tell you from my experience is that its helped enormously. I tried dropping the twice daily dose to 1 but fatigue set in again and I had to go back on the 2 pills every day.

My SLE is mild, others have different stories to tell and not everyone reacts in the same way to drugs but I can tell you that plaquenil suits me. It can take a few weeks to have any effect, I wish you well with it...

The other stuff I dont know about but someone will no doubt be in to help :)


hi chris,

thanks for the info, the consultant did warn me before hand that there may be side effects for a couple of weeks i.e. nausea, but if it helps with everything i'm willing to try.

yes i'm on for twice a day so fingers crossed :)


I've had no side effects Jenni, may well be the same for you..and definitely worth trying...


Only side affect so far is an off tummy but have a sensitive stomach anyways... Def gonna stick to it though, had no luck with amitriptyline or naproxen


Hopefully that'll pass, stay with it and I'm sure you'll feel a lot better, hope so anway x


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