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wround the world by fabric

Hi i cant travel much any more and really really miss it but have learnt to sew so i am making a round the workd quilt and asking my friends when ever they travel abroad to send me, bring me back some fabric that represents the country there visiting.

that way i dont have all the expense, jet lag, have only a small carbon foot print and gives me an exciting project to work on and lots of nice surprises,

friend living in australia sent me some wonderful fabric with lots of native widlelife represented.

expect it will take years but give me something possative to look forward too. and constructive to do. virtual travel of a fabric kind.

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What a lovely idea!


All the best I will if i can and think about it while i'm away


This is such a positive and creative thing to do...... you have inspired me to do something similar. I've travelled thousands of miles in my life with some amazing, with SLE the travel insurance is extortionate (almost as much as a one-way ticket to Oz!) so have to content myself with discovering the hidden gems of our mainland.....and coast.


This is such a cool idea. You should post a photo :D

When I look back I can see myself developing skills that involve stillness (lol!) I should really have noticed and realised I was doing it because I was getting tireder and tireder! I'm an embroidery freak and also love bead weaving, bead embroidery, polymer clay, felting.....!


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