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Beware of the sun!

Can't believe it, went for a meander round the bootsale yesterday morning, trimmed the strawberries for half an hour in the afternoon and fed the ducks at tea time. To be honest I was quite proud of my achievements.

By 6pm, my face felt like it was on fire, i had a temperature, my joints were agony, I could hardly walk and felt absolutely awful. Don't feel much better today.

Its March for crying out loud, I know it was a glorious day yesterday, but I didn't expect the sun to effect me that much.

Oh well better find the suntan cream


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it seems to start earlier each year


yes me too went out for the first time in garden after being indoors for months

cut grass had a good tidy up and then regretted it. later burning face and sore joints i also must dig out that factor 50.


I ve not stopped using factor 50 all winter as kept blistering so not looking forward to the summer this year


I think the same,,yesterday i think was the warmest we have had so far this year (early spring only too!!) hey the sun is up,,how lovely,,,or is it? i found that after being outside for only ten minutes i felt sick,my scarred skin from Lupus was begining to flare and i felt quite ill,,,last year i experienced this but not quite so quickly.I am newly diagnosed last year and still getting to learn what the sun can mean to a lupus sufferer too.I think this year with definatly be,,long cotton sleeves,sunglasses and a hat and plenty of factor 50.I also suffer from terrible hives and heat rash and found the antihistamine called Fexofenadine Hydrochloride prescribed by my gp last year works better than the over the counter ones..Hey,we can still enjoy the sun,we just have to take more precautions to stay well in it.Good luck and positive thoughts sent your way.Regards Dawn.x


I use factor 50 all the time, and I wear UVA clothing and hats when I go out if Im sitting in the garden I always sit under the umbrella, when you have Lupus the sun is not your friend at all


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