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SunSense Ultra SPF50+ Availability

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We have recently received reports about the shortage of SunSense Ultra SPF50+, a sunscreen used by many lupus patients, which is available on prescription. SunSense has confirmed the shortage is due to delays in the reformulation of the product caused by the pandemic. The supply should be restored by the end of this year.

Please read our article with information about alternative products, some of which should be available on prescription

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I believe there is a shortage of Uvistat as well according to my pharmacist today

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Chanpreet_WaliaAdministrator in reply to GlasgowHen

Thank you for letting us know, we will keep an eye on any more reports about this.

Dear Chanpreet

Thank you for this information .

One of of the alternatives of factor 50 has many variants , I think it’s the top of the list .

La Roch , or something . Are you able to let me know which item is available for prescribing from this range ?

I’m also reading from your post , that protective clothing are available on prescription . I did not know this .

Do you have any more information about this please , and how to go about getting protective clothing prescribed .

Thank you


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Chanpreet_WaliaAdministrator in reply to Willow1414

Hi Willow1414,

You're welcome 😊.

Yes, it is La Roche-Posay Anthelios xl SPF 50+ cream.

UV-protective clothing is not available on prescription, only sunscreen is. SunSibility have a range of UV protective clothing that you can purchase via their website at

Quote ‘NEWS & VIEWS’ to get 10% discount off your first order at Sunsibility

To view our full list of UV-protecting clothing companies, visit

Best wishes,

Chanpreet 💜

Dear Chanpreet

Hope you can help , my doctor has given me a paper script for the La Roche -posay factor 50 sun screen , trouble is I am finding it impossible to find a chemist who will prescribe , Cohen’s my usual say no , Sainsbury’s says they will contact me on Monday wether they can order in for me , they have my paper prescription at the moment , and will call me on Monday regarding wether they can prescribe .

Hope you can help or know how to help .

Kind regards 🦋❤️

Thank you so much for this Chanpreet. I have been refused sunscreen on prescription by my GP due to the local regulations. Perhaps if I take this information in I will be more successful. I didn't realise there was an exception for SLE photosensitive patients.

Buying effective sunscreen while living in a low budget is not easy.

Thank you so much.

HT 🌷

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Chanpreet_WaliaAdministrator in reply to happytulip

Hi happytulip,

You're welcome 😊.

People with lupus are eligible to have sunscreen on prescription. If your GP is refusing to prescribe sunscreen, you may wish to ask your rheumatologist, dermatologist or specialist nurse to write a letter to your doctor asking for it to be prescribed.

Yes, I totally understand. Prescription sunscreen under the NHS is designed to ease the cost burden on people for whom sun protection is not just a recommendation, but a daily necessity.

I think it definitely worth showing our article to your GP.

Best wishes,

Chanpreet 💜

I always use Nivea 50+ never had any problems getting it seems to work fine hope this helps as an alternative x

Hi I managed to get it on prescription just a couple of weeks ago . Unless I got last the chemist had ! I hate uvistat as it’s too thick , leaves a white film ! The sun sense of lighter especially for face !!

Thank you ... that explains a great deal about recent difficulties. Much appreciated

I've been told by my gp surgery that its no longer available on NHS is that true

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Chanpreet_WaliaAdministrator in reply to MrGrey1234

As far as we are aware, it is available on NHS prescription. However, due to supply issues, it may not be available on prescription until the end of this year.

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