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Cold in Angola

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The temperature here in Angola around 30 C, hot always, but last night after dinner I started shivering form cold, became very pale and sleepy. It lasted around 2 hours, I had to put on winter PJs to keep warm. Has anyone ever had anything like this?

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Hello, Eliss, I see you never got a response. You might post something in the way of introduction to you and your disease, since people here are very welcoming. I hope you are feeling better. I lived in Los Angeles and the weather went from very hot in the daytime to desert cold at night. I often had chills from from my autoimmune conditions and didn't sleep. Where are you in Angola? All the best, JoAnne

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Thanks for your reply, I am in Luanda. Most probably the cold I felt was from my Lupus flare up which was the longest I've ever had. It felt really weird everyone in my household hot except for me freezing, I did an analysis suspecting infection but came back negative. I have no idea, I hope soon when I go home I'll be able to see my doctor and see all other symptoms. One thing for sure, This disease is unpredictable.

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