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Household members & covid vaccine criteria

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With the new guidance from the JCVI about household members being vaccinated. I just wondered had anyone with SLE been contacted by their GP to get other household members vaccinated due to the update?

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Yes I have but it's not just because I have SLE it's because I'm immunosuppressed. I received a text from my surgery on 1 April.

Hope that helps.

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I wasn't contacted by them about it but when I mentioned it to my GP when discussing something else, she put my husband on the list.

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Thank you 🙏

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Hi yes, I only take Hydroxychloriquine for SLE and yet my husband and my 16 and 18 year old daughters received a text to book their vaccines. I checked with GP and it was because of my SLE. Hope this helps x😊

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Wishie in reply to U400TAR

Thank you it does help a lot xx

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I contacted my GP to ask them to add my 16 year old and he is booked in for his jab this morning. I don't think they would have done it without me asking though so definitely worth a conversation with your GP.

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Wishie in reply to LupusNewbie

Thank you very much x

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HiI relieved a letter from my gp as I’m immunosupressed. It is just me and my husband in our household and he has already had his first dose.

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Yes I had the letter to allow my partner to be vaccinated , but again as above it is more to do with being on immune suppressants and steroids then the actual SLE . However I had already asked this question months ago and was told no, even though I contracted Covid 19 and was hospitalised! after my partner who had to work as he is a electrical contractor on sites got it from a colleague who decided not to mention his symptoms to anyone ! Since then we both got covid and our vaccines had to wait another 90 days after covid ! Then I got my first one but partner told no. Since then I managed to book my partner in online for both his 1st and 2nd . Now they write and say he can have it! Another too little too late scenario ! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤭🙄🤐😷💉🦠💉 He has had his first now and we both await our second his is booked for June 6th via online , my second is due May but not got a confirmed date as it is via my local GP practice, who are very good with me and my complex history so I am in no doubt I will get mine on time . 🌈

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Could have done with that guidance through a month ago, had to go through our MSP to get my husbands vaccine and he’s in his 60’s, we moved to Scotland back in November been registered with a go since then, he’s had a hospital procedure since being here, so was definitely in the system somewhere but they still hadn’t sent him an appointment over 4 weeks since I had mine. They kept telling him he wasn’t on the list, the GP checked and he was, fed up being pushed from pillar to post my Daughter emailed the MSP hubby got his vaccine the very next week! We both got our England appointment letter forwarded from England back in February so weren’t impressed! Just hope he gets his 2nd appointment ok! you don’t book up here they send you an appointment! At least he’s had his 1st dose now so looking forward to 2nd! Fingers crossed

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Wishie in reply to lupie-Cathy

What a nightmare! Glad it’s sorted now, when we lived in Scotland, we found the healthcare very good 😎 Are you enjoying it there?

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lupie-Cathy in reply to Wishie

Yes thanks, once we get a bit of freedom it’ll be a lot better. We lived in Scotland before for 14 years so feels like coming home! Hopefully the NHS will get back to normal before too long! Not even met my GP or had a phone call with them yet though! Need to start getting on to them about getting a rheumatologist and my blood tests! Do you miss it? X

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Wishie in reply to lupie-Cathy

Aww yes, I know what you mean! Yes I do miss it, our daughter lives there though, so itching for the green light to go up 😎. I didn’t have SLE when we lived there, did you? I often wonder what the care is like for it up there, but then I guess it all depends on the area you live in, postcode lottery like anywhere else 😂. Where abouts are you?


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lupie-Cathy in reply to Wishie

Was diagnosed at Raigmore hospital Inverness over 20 years ago now that’s why we moved back because our daughter and grandchildren live here and My Son is up in The far North but haven’t been able to see him for over a year now but see the grandkids every week so that’s lovely looking forward to restrictions lifting so we can go and see him!

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Wishie in reply to lupie-Cathy

I’ll send you a PM. X

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I have S.L.E and take immunosuppressants I received a letter from my GP to say anyone over 16 could go for their vaccine. My husband has already had his first but my daughter who has basically shielded with me for nearly a year and is a uni student received hers , so pleased 😀 . Wish all the students could get done and quickly, sorry I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or impatient , would just like to feel as if everyone was a little bit safer,It’s been a wobbly year, not sure I would like to repeat it ... M x

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High as I’m only taking Hydroxy for my SLE and my 20yr old son whose been with us since March hasn’t been offered a jab. It’s supposed to be his uni placement year which fell thru due to COVID! But he’s managed to get a remote unpaid job which will satisfy Uni so that he’ll get his credits for the year and be able to start his final year in September.

I’ve done Online shopping. So like my husband and I he’s not really been out. Since the new rules on Monday he met his friends at a pub that has gone to a lot of trouble to make the place safe. Today he tested positive!! My husband and I (Both 59) have only had 1 jab and I’m really quite worried about how ill we could be if we get it too. I can hear my husband coughing now (but this can be a side effect of his BP meds).

My husband is working from home, partly because of the ‘work from home if you can’ rule and partly because of me. Unfortunately, it’s not easy because of the nature of the job and constantly being on teams calls at home and abroad. This makes it difficult to even make a cuppa as we’re in an open plan room.

I have been living on my nerves for over a year now. I’ve put weight on because I comfort eat. I can’t talk to my husband about it. He’s a very positive person normally and he says I always look at the negatives. But he is very down himself at the moment as he’s missing the buzz of work. I was hoping because we live in a small village we’d be safe from it. At this point I’m trying really hard not to cry!

I’ve said all the way thru just because the rules say you can doesn’t mean you should. Didn’t go anywhere last summer when restrictions allowed. Didn’t visit parents at xmas. Now relaxed out guard and this happens.

Please don’t take risks. Stay safe everybody x

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