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Lupus rash


Hi all,

Has anyone ever had lupus rash on their trunk? I've had a rash on my trunk twice now, just wrapped around one side. The first time I sent pictures to my dr and he thought it was shingles, after a while it cleared but now I have it again.

Both times I've had a flare.

Thank you 😊

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It could be shingles - it can come and go and could well coincide with a flare, the flare in the lupus leading to the resurgence of the shingles.

Aurali in reply to PMRpro

OK, thank you, I was leaning towards lupus as I had no shingles pain.

PMRpro in reply to Aurali

Not sure but lucky people don't get pain with mild shingles. And the rash can be atypical in immunocompromised people! Why must we always be complicated????

Aurali in reply to PMRpro

I know!! It's a nightmare isn't it!! I'll put it down to singles again and consider myself lucky I don't have the pain!!! 😁

CBW54 in reply to PMRpro

Not complicated, special 😉! Isn’t it the age of difference? Take care everyone.

PMRpro in reply to CBW54

Can you tell the docs that too then??????

Sounds very much like shingles. Classic place for it. Is it painful? Wet or dry? I've had vasculitis type rash on my back and abdomen before but only is smallish patches.

Aurali in reply to happytulip

Hi Happy tulipIt's dry, sore and itchy but not blistery and no shingles pain.

happytulip in reply to Aurali

Rashes are so hard to determine even for dermatologists at times. But even without the pain it does sound alot like shingles.

Aurali in reply to happytulip

Thank you so much, I'll put it down to that as it is only one side too. 😁

Tiggywoos in reply to Aurali

I’m sure you will but make sure you get anti virals if it is else it can cause nerve pain later on 😬. Take care xx

Aurali in reply to Tiggywoos

Hi, thank you for your advice, the dr. said it was too late for those, it's OK at the moment, just annoying!! Yiu take care too xx

Hi my son had shingles last year - he’s 24 - he rang me crying as he was in so much pain and couldn’t get out of bed - so would have thought you would have been in a terrific amount of pain - I get lots of different rashes - I had really bad one on my trunk last year which would only clear up with steroid cream - hope you don’t get it again xx

Aurali in reply to svfarmer

Thank you so much, I think maybe it's quite mild, just annoying it cleared up & came back again ....... I shall soldier on as we all do 😊 xx

Hi Aurali

I’ve had this rash in the past , before been medicated . I thought I was allergic to hot water , has it always seemed to appear after a shower , nothing to do with products , has it appeared with just hot water , even had the large red patches , that looked like sun burn on my upper legs , I’d completely forgotten about this until reading your post .

I think the immune system causes so many unusual effects on our bodies , too many to mention sometimes . My friend use to make me laugh , and say I’m allergic to water 🙄.

Maybe mention it on your next appointment . 🦋❤️

Aurali in reply to Willow1414

Hi WillowThank you for giving me a giggle this morning!

I will mention it at my next appointment.

Thank you 😊 xx

I get a recurring mysterious blister rash along the left side of back. Dr also diagnosed as shingles. Put me on a 10 course of acyclovir and on day 10 it came back with a vengeance. It seems to come at flare time and I would say it’s recurred a minimum of 15 times🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ No pain for me either. Extreme itch tho!

Aurali in reply to Crushgirl10

Hi Crushgirl Yes very itchy!! This sounds very similar, I will definitely mention it when I have my next appointment.

Thank you 😊 xx

I’ve had a blotchy rash that covered my entire body including my face with no soreness or itchiness. It happened after eating a lentil and pulse curry and then 2 weeks later after being in the sun. This was before I was diagnosed with lupus snd mctd. I also got severe migraine with the rash. The rash was the least of my worries as it didn’t affect me at all apart from the odd look ... hope you are ok now as it’s the worry that goes Ali g with the symptoms that can make you feel worse.

Aurali in reply to TillyO

Hi TillyThat's interesting as I do have a bad headache today, and I had them every day last time too so this must be a factor. It is a worry but will see how it goes the next couple of days.

Good luck x

Yes I have. Covered trunk only like a vest. No itch just angry rash.

Aurali in reply to Hamptons

Oh really, this is the first I've heard of a lupus rash on the trunk so that's interesting, thank you 😊 xx

I mainly get rash on my upper chest. Sometimes it goes covers trunk and links to flare. Normally more right side.

Aurali in reply to Hamptons

Yes I usually get the rash on my chest too, sometimes on my face but not often. Mine is the left side of my body but this time and the last time it felt exactly like a flare which is why I've asked the question. I've had no nerve pain associated with shingles 😏

Guess with lupus anything is possible.

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