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LUPUS UK Virtual Seminar - "Lupus & Fatigue" - Recording now available


Hi everyone,

I have good news for anyone who may have missed our Live Virtual Seminar about "Lupus & Fatigue" with Dr Chris Wincup on Wednesday evening.

The recording is now available to watch in the Video On Demand section at

If you're not already registered, it only takes a few seconds and you'll also be able to watch our seminar about "COVID-19 & Lupus" and all the other upcoming events.

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Thanks Paul. It’s a great seminar. Best wishes Kevin

Being dumb - been on site, registered for next one. It can’t see demand bit?..

Thanks Paul I have tried to view the video "Lupus and Fatigue" but when I follow the link provided I just get an advertisement for the next event. Sorry but I cannot see how to get the video I want.

Kevin53 in reply to BeeManShrop

Once you are logged in, click the 3 bars in the top right hand corner and go to “videos on demand” Best wishes Kevin

panda2 in reply to Kevin53

I guess I must be totally daft. I can't figure my way to it either without having to register for the next one that I can't attend. Login means to register, no?

Kevin53 in reply to panda2

Register and you can then login to watch future ones and the previous recordings.

Kevin53 in reply to panda2

Even though you can’t attend the next one live if you register you can then login and watch the recording later. Best wishes Kevin

panda2 in reply to Kevin53

Ok! Got there in the end. Thanks for explaining how to access Kevin. And thanks Paul for setting up and facilitating.

So glad to have seen it. I agree with CSLO about honest and direct answers, which can mean -- as is often in the case of fatigue -- no answer. But there is a reassurance in this symptom being so common for most of us.

Panda x

Kevin53 in reply to panda2

Glad that it worked and you found it useful. Check out the vitamin D3! Best wishes Kevin

BeeManShrop in reply to Kevin53

Thanks Kevin I did get there in the end but how frustrating (or is it annoying) to have to jump through so many hoops just to watch a video. However, it was good to watch, although the message seems to be -- no treatment is known for fatigue. PS My wife had to give up and go and lie down about 50% through it -- perhaps fatigue can be measured after all. Cheers.

Thanks Paul. Really valuable video with honest and direct answers. I'm going to now watch the previous Covid one.

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