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It’s Mira Monday 🐶


Good morning folks - hope everyone has had a good weekend. As our dog groomer has moved we are now grooming the girls ourselves- Mira was really good although we haven’t done her legs yet as she’s not keen on having her feet touched - it’s hell when we’ve cut her nails - Bea is a lot more wriggly and took a lot of treats to keep her still😂😂 so here is a pic of little Mira in the bath looking like a drowned rat 🐀🐶❤️ have a good week xx

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She is so adorable- had to give Nellie 2 baths this weekend as we had very wet muddy walks - she likes to roll in mud- thinks she thinks she’s a piggy 🐷. Have a good week.

svfarmer in reply to kjsfm

At least it wasn’t fox,s poo 💩😂 your dog is absolutely gorgeous xx

kjsfm in reply to svfarmer

Thanks. Yes Indeed. They can be pretty grotty at times ! I also have 4 🐈. They keep me sane and help me with a routine. Don’t you find that helps with Lupus and mood ? I did think about getting chickens but have so many animals ( foxes and badgers) that come I would be a bit worried. Hope you are feeling better after your tests. 😐

A not so happy Mira - cuddles needed mum!I hope you're feeling ok after your ordeal SV, xxx

svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

Yes I’m all good thanks 🥰

Oh how lovely,! When we give our boys a bath we end up wetter than them. Thank goodness our groomer is patient. Xx

I’m lucky the girls are both small so can easily be lifted in and out of the bath xx

My boys are chunky monkeys and wrigglers so it is always messy lol xxx


Gorgeous pic svfarmer. Mira's not sure she likes being wet and shampooed. Need an after pic of the transformstion. Sorry about losing your groomer although you'll save some money!. Do hope your feeling better. Xx♥️🙂♥️

svfarmer in reply to misty14

Yes I’m fine thanks now - yes we thought we would save on the money now we have 2 to be groomed and do it ourselves although we’re still learning 😂❤️

Oh poor thing... pitiful but we know that underneath that wetness lies beautiful sweet Mira. Cuddles and kisses my precious little friend. 🤗💋

Sorry svf that your groomer moved away.

If I may offer a possible aid to help ease any tensions the girls have from the sudden change of having you do their grooming.

Before and after their grooming is done ( anytime there is stress) you can give them a full body message making sure you’re relaxed and slowly work from head to toes.

I did this on my last little guy everyday as he was terminally ill and I placed him on a soft surface. We started on his side so I could get his spine too. Then rotated to his back and then the other side. He loved having it done so much that all I had to do was ask him if he wanted his “massagy “ using my gentlest voice and he’d go to our usual place readily to receive them.

If the girls associate the pre and post massages as physical rewards they should be more relaxed during their grooming process.

Thank you for sharing this pic...she makes an adorable ‘drowned rat’.

Have a blessed week my friend.

Much love.

EJ 😊🤗♥️🥰🙏🌿🌸🦋

svfarmer in reply to honeybug

Thankyou so much for the tip on the massage, so sorry to hear about your terminally ill dog, must have been so very upsetting. I’m definitely going to try this out , Mira suffers with anxiety a lot and has now been referred to a dog behaviourist as she is very frightened of other dogs and of people, I think it’s to do with the lockdown we didn’t socialise her enough as I was shielding I also didn’t take her to anyone’s house so she gets really frightened if I take her into anyone’s house. The behaviourist can’t see her until January but told me to walk her where there are no other dogs so she didn’t get stressed out.

Am just thinking that if I give her a massage before and after a walk it could help ? What do you think 🤔❤️❤️

honeybug in reply to svfarmer

Thanks for your sympathy about my little guy. Yes it was traumatic made worse by the abuse he received from the boy we took in to raise who made the little guy’s life a living hell by constantly kicking his bed while he was sleeping. Same boy threw him down the stairs twice ran over him with a bike hit him with a baseball bat and put an office staple puller through his ear. The boy was/is a drug addict and hated the dog. The terminal illness was caused by feeding him polyester fiberfill used for stuffing soft objects. This was unbeknownst to me when it happened as most of the incidents were. I had to stay by his side to defend him from further attacks once I became aware of them. Tried to have the boy removed from our home legally but couldn’t according to our laws would’ve been abandonment. No recourse even when the boy started assaulting me. So those massages were absolutely necessary.

Oh poor Mira. Yes I definitely would give her messages before and after all things stress/anxiety related. It truly made such a difference with our Scamp II (the second).

Poor little Mira...this pandemic has done such damage in soooo many ways. Little Mira hasn’t got anyway to process the lockdown.

She also might benefit from swaddling like we do babies when massages aren’t possible.

There is a product I heard of called a Thunder Shirt for anxious dogs to wear that simulates a constant hug for anxious dogs. It was suggested for use during thunderstorms and fireworks to help reduce their stress on adverts over here. Maybe you could check online for similar product there.

Best wishes this will help her and you too as I know you suffer with her.

I just prayed for you all. Please take care and be safe my friend.

Much love. EJ xxx

Aww little Mira is rocking the drowned rat look!! 🐶💜Bless her,bet she looks fabulous n fluffy now though 🌈😽😽xx

Such a good woofler! Trying her hardest to be good for her mummy! All fluffy and dry by now and totally gorgeous looking too! ❤️🐶🌟

Thankyou so much - Oh my goodness sounds horrendous what you have been through with the abusive lad, bless you for trying to make his life better, it’s awful what drug abuse does to people. You must truly be a very special person and poor little Scamp II - just awful.

I will look up a thunder shirt for Mira as sounds like she may need it .

Take care and stay safe xxx

honeybug in reply to svfarmer

Thanks so much for your sympathy. This was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak for what horrendous things he did to our us and our folks...but once 18 moved out and no contact made my stress levels decline much. Yes I have to remind myself that I love the boy and HATE the drugs control over him. Heroin destroys everything around it and animal deaths are part of that EVIL. I was blessed that I was present most of the time for Scamp II s last years to keep him safe. Being exposed to all of this heightened stress really escalated my FM to progress faster; already diagnosed with severe FM initially.

I firmly believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Good luck with finding/getting a Thunder Shirt or facsimile. I think she really could use one poor thing.

Much love to you both. Oh too Bea too.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊

svfarmer in reply to honeybug


I started with a good groomer and two terrier puppies, then things did not go well with a new groomer who took one of my terriers bit his hairdryer nozzle and the final straw was the highly artificial smelling shampoo which he used. By which time if course my dog Archie had decided he did not like grooming. I learnt that treats are the answer and staying calm. Find something they really think is special such as little bits of cheese, sausage or chicken and then a treat and loads of praise at every stage. By degrees, they associate the whole thing with treats and lots of cuddles, warm towels etc. Knowing the routine, I started out right with my pointer puppy and she will walk to the shower if you ask her if she would like a wash. Best of luck!

svfarmer in reply to Lily77

Thankyou for all the tips, I shall definitely try with the high end treats like cheese etc as I was giving them just their normal treats xx

Gorgeous! how lovely! She is just lovely.. x

If you are looking into very gentle and effective dog behaviour techniques, I recommend Tellington Touch which you can google, read about the techniques and also find a local practitioner. They use it for nervous dogs in particular.

svfarmer in reply to Lily77

Thanks Lily xx

She is absolutely gorgeous wet or dry!😍 The picture reminds me of one I took of Murray my collie/lab cross after he’d rolled in a dead seal when I was teaching on the islands many years ago. That distinctive revolting smell was VERY difficult to eradicate and lingered for a long time. 😝 Poor Murray didn’t get as many hugs for quite a while! 😂

svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe

Oh no 🤦‍♀️ of all things to roll in 😂❤️

Spotty-ewe in reply to svfarmer

Yes, the seal’s fatty remains were as difficult to remove as the smell. 🤢 😂🤣 🤗😘

svfarmer in reply to Spotty-ewe


Oh Mira you are an adorable drowned rat! Do you get dried with a hair dryer on low setting? My friends pup loves it. 🛁 🐶

Both Bea and Mira hate the hair dryer, they shake with fear so we wrap them up in a fluffy blanket until they are dry xx

Must be so nice to be wrapped in a fluffy blanket. Well worth having a bath for! Xx

My dogs always looked like drowned rats but I think they look cute when they are wet can't you find another groomer? Have a good week xx

svfarmer in reply to daniel55

😂😂 to be honest it’s the cost of it now we have 2 dogs to be groomed every 8 weeks so it’s come at the right time really, I’m sure we will get better xx

So cute have a great week :)

svfarmer in reply to Kelda74


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