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Any Questions re Coronovirus for Vaughn Gethin?


On Thursday 18th June at 8pm, Welsh Labour Health Minister Vaughan Gething will take questions from Welsh Labour members on the Coronavirus response, here in Wales.

Vaughan Gething is the Minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Government. He represents Cardiff South and Penarth in the Senedd, and was the first black President of the Wales Trades Union Congress (WTUC).

We hope that you can join us for the zoom call. You are also invited to submit questions to Vaughan in advance.

Members will need to RSVP on the link below. You will then be sent a personal link ahead of the event.




The Welsh Labour Team

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Interesting. Best wishes Kevin

Can you feed back to us please? He was on question time this week an came across quite well I thought.

God I loathe the man but I thought if people here had any questions I will happily submit them as I am a Labour Party member xx

Yes I loathe him too. He broke his own rules on social distancing early on but this info did not go national, just on wales media. Time for a change of role when the timing is right. If I think of a good question I will post, many thanks Lou xx

Hopefully Wendy will be in touch. x

Hi Happytulip. He’s a nice guy but can’t run a health service. His boss Drakeford tried as well. 50% of the population of Wales live with in 25 miles of England. Wales is to small to run an inclusive health service, autoimmune conditions one of many examples. All views are my own. Best wishes Kevin

happytulip in reply to Kevin53

He answered a good question in relation to current affairs that weren't to do with health care.

Because I'm not Welsh I have no direct experience of the Welsh Health Care system although I do know that it needs a lot of work.

I'd love to live in Wales but with my health it would be impossible.

Maybe I was speaking to generally but his point about other current affairs was valid I thought.

I hope the meeting/zooming goes well.

louise-a in reply to Kevin53

Mine too Kevin, take care and hope your family are coping ok , Lou xx

It’s never easy. Sadly 50% + of the health Boards in Wales are in special measures at the request of national government, BCUHB for over five years. Yet Vaughan and team say that it’s not their problem, they have just highlighted it. The NHS front line staff in Wales are brilliant. Best wishes Kevin

This is a quote from a Welsh NHS civil servant’s letter to Wendy recently:

“Our role is to assure the Minister that services continue to improve, as will be your interest also.”

Some might suggest that it suits Sir Humphreys to avoid Ministerial ‘meddling’ and it suits Ministers to be told they are doing a great job by Sir Humphreys!

Best wishes Kevin

louise-a in reply to Kevin53

"Continues to improve " ? from what exactly. Needs to be at an acceptable level in the first place . Then that statement might carry some weight, Lou xx

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