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Blotchy hands

I'm new to this forum so I'd be really interested to know if other people have found they get blotchy burning palms. Mine have been like this ever since I was diagnosed with lupus sle (never happened before). Stress seems to cause it, changes in temperature and caffine, other than that none the wiser it's made my hands dry and also seems to happen on the soles of my feet (I'm less aware of that cos I can't see them!) Its a bit like the burning reddness I get on my face which is also unpredictable. My consultant said it was called erithromialga I think its more to do with my circulation than the skin itself.

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Hi Panther50,

What you describe sounds like Raynauds to me - this is a circulation problem and is particularly troublesome in the cold weather. Mine gives me jip any time of the year tho, regardless of the weather! I take Nifedipine for this.

Dunno if that helps :) Take care



I agree with Yols on this check out this on line.type Raynaulds.

all the best



I've got blotches on my feet


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