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Noise sensitivity and fatigue - advice please?

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Hi everyone.......first of all I'm new here.

I'm just looking for a bit of advice. Two things are particularly causing me some anxiety and distress at the moment.

The first is that over the last few weeks I seem to have an increased sensitivity to noise. This is causing problems in my day to day life, particularly at work - the radio, people chatting, machinery, etc. Does anyone else experience this, and have any advice for me for coping strategies please?

The second is fatigue - at the moment it is full on, and all I want to do is sleep. Obviously I can't do this, as I work full time. Again, does anyone please have any suggestions?

Thank you. 🙂

13 Replies
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Hi, no need to be anxious about being sensitive to noise. In fact that's what makes it worse. It's usually high levels of stress hormones that makes our hearing more sensitive. Our fight or flight mechanism wants us to be hypersensitive so we can seek and escape danger. Find some breathing exercises and muscle relaxation too, if you can. Do these for five minutes as many times during the day as possible. . You will notice a difference within a couple of week. The fatigue is linked, due to always being on hyper alert mode. Get some quality chill out time and hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you Suzie. 🙂

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I totally get that, like you I work full-time. The noise levels at times (not all the time, I'm pleased to say), courses a not in my gut and I just want to scream "shut up", but I believe it is when I am in full on fatigue mode so, although it is difficult when you work full-time, but rest as much as possible, I must admit, I also slip a diazipan now and then. Prescribed because I have pins and plates in my back. But might be worth a chat to your doctor. I will point out I only take then very occasionally, but they do help, or I find myself slipping into depression, awful bloody condition isn't it. Good luck I really hope that helps you.

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Thank you......I'm in depression now, and yes it's bloody awful. 😿

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Make sure your work are aware of the fatigue and the impact it has on you. Lupus UK booklet is helpful. I do little bursts, rationing the energy. So will do an admin job quietly then a big moving around job then back to admin. Evenings are for resting and housework gets dumped. Be kid to you and don’t over do it.

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Thank you. 🙂

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Hello. I have had sound sensitivity, as well as sensitivity to certain other stimuli, for years. In addition to Lupus and other auto immune and genetic issues I probably have Fibromyalgia. Sound sensitivity is common in Fibro - although it may also be a Lupus/auto immune thing. I don't think there is much solid research in this area. Certainly I haven't come across a conventional medic who can help me here, that is if they even believe me.

However Suzie makes some good points. I've benefited from deep breathing exercises and also mindfulness meditation, as have others. There are apps and also introductions to these practices online, which might be a place to start. I also use wax earplugs, although I realise this is probably not an option in the workplace.

In terms of managing the workplace, I don't know what the processes would be to help make some adjustments for you e.g. sitting somewhere quieter, having rest periods. Whether you should chat to your GP in the first instance for some advice, if they are friendly and helpful; or whether you should simply approach your HR dept (if there is one) - if your employer is aware of your Lupus already; or whether you should start with Citizens Advice. However Lupus UK has a factsheet about working with Lupus, which may be helpful as a start, and which highlights rights under the Equality Act:

And perhaps others here might be able to advise from their own experiences.

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Thank you so much. I will lookminto those things. 🙂

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MrsMouseSJ in reply to TeeWotserface

I hope that you will be able to make some changes at work to improve things for you. Best wishes.

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Hi OMG I know exactly what you mean, although we me we do have a dog boarding business next door and it is like living next door to Battersea Dogs home☹️.

Everyone else in our small cup de sac as an issue with it, but the noise really disturbs me, does the Lupus heighten the problem, do you think?..

Anyway good luck with things, jx

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Thank you, and to you too.🙂

Ah, the fatigue is horrendous! I think I read somewhere that it comes from your body’s constant battle with the inflammation, pain, etc. Uses up more energy than we have. I’m trying sublingual liquid vitamin D. The physician’s assistant suggested shots, so if you can do that, all the better. I’m just too exhausted to add the responsibility of going in for shots into my week. Also, my sleep pattern was horrible. It took time, but I’ve forced myself to sleep about 7 hours (sometimes a few minutes less), but now I’ve read we, with this, should be sleeping 8-9 hours. I need to try to recalculate my sleeping. It seems that I can only handle a few hours of activity and I need a nap (like 2-3 hours nap).

As far as noise? I’ve not noticed any changes, but then again, I had and raised 5 kids (4 of the boys) and now they are all grown and in their own homes, so life is quiet. Idk if noise has become more troublesome because I have less in my life.

All my best to you. 🙏

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Thank you. 🙂 x

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