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Presentation - Annual Lupus Conference!

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Hi all,

Sorry for the delay, but here is the presentation given by Dr. Wallace at the national Lupus convention this past September in LA. Sorry about the formatting, not the prettiest deck! I do have an audio transcript as well. DM me if you'd like that.

Here's the link:

My favorite bits are on the new Diagnostic Criteria and the information on how our gut health influences the disease.

Enjoy and message me if you have any questions!!

2 Replies
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Interesting reading katidid - particularly the slides on the amount of people who don’t stick to taking HCQ and experience an increase in symptoms and flares! I suppose patient education is key in the management of chronic and incurable AI diseases.

The bit about the gut involvement is useful as I have adapted my diet to cut out nightshades and reduce lectins. I do feel a bit “brighter” but not sure if that’s to do with me approaching 6 months of being on HCQ and I am finally noticing some benefit. Thanks for posting, I’m always interested to read things like this x

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katidid in reply to Horsewhisper

Glad you found it helpful. The presenter, Dr. Wallace is "the" Lupus guy in the U.S. Currently has 2000 (!) patients and runs one of the top research labs. He was a great presenter - very funny, informative and helpful.

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