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Lung transplant

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Lung transplant

Hi guys and gals my name is Dawn I m with harefield hospital and hoping to get put on lung transplant list I just waiting for the angio they said everything else it ok although I’m high risk cos of previous illnesses. Would welcome any advice I’m doing all the training they told me at the gym it’s hard work with emphysema and the oxygen but I’m sure there is lits worse than me . I’m 57 and small build got sick frombreast implants twenty years ago then ended up with huge long list of ailments and disease including the emphysema. I do want the transplant but realise it’s not easy I’ve had the dcarybthree hour interview which was very negative but I realise they have to do that to weed out anyone not sure they want it or not. Any advice gladly accepted . Love dawn ps what happens about pip benefit when you are in hospital for a month or two I have a brilliant carer

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Hello Dawn

You've got a lot to deal with there, and I hope everything goes well for you. Re the PIP query, according to this website, you are supposed to tell the DWP about changes in circumstances. If you are in hospital for more than 28 days, they are likely to stop both the mobility and care elements of your PIP payments. Because they are considerate like that. aren't they? :P


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Hi Dawn, My mother and I went for transplant assessment last week for her single lung transplant and we are in the Sam position awaiting an angiogram too !

Like you we had the talk of everything that could go wrong and having a sobering view of life post transplant....

Not sure if i can offer advice ... but solidarity in that i understand what you are going though....

Let us know how the angio goes should be smooth... ps how long did they say it would take for the angio?

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happytulip in reply to whisperit

They do restart it though once you are home so don't panic!

You should always tell the DWP if you go into hospital, even for one night. They accumulate the time spent in hospital over the year. Its just so that if you were getting money to support you being at home when you were actually in hospital for two months, then they would seek to retrieve the money they had given you because you "bed, board and care' was being funded by the NHS.

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