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Medication not working

Hi to all a quick question I'm not yet diagnosed just been told(probably a systemic disorder) I'm on tramadol venaflaxine renavit bile sequestants and pregabalyn 150mg, I'm getting horrendous wrist finger and elbow pain nerve and ligament,also tiny spots that hurt like hell in my head scalp,also got swelling base of skull and sore gland just below skull tablets not working for this if I tell doc he says wait for this wait for that and is overwhelmed doesn't know what to say I'm giving up bothering to see or tell them cos nothing changes I'm under4or5specialist dietician nutritionist I have chronic bile malabsorption I'm on powdered diet,I have osteo arthritis both feet no cartilidge an fallen arches,ruptured ear drum, no liver retention had nuclear test that diagnosed this, I had double pneumonia two years ago repeated plueresy,chest infection elevated white blood cells for 12years and guttate psoriasis,major memory problems and seizures pls anyone can advise what else to do cause I'm absolutely stuck what to do thanks

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Are you currently under the care of a rheumatologist? Do they suspect lupus or another autoimmune disease? If you are unhappy with your doctor, you can request to see someone else or for a referral to a specialist.


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