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Dang! I need sympathy!


Feeling rubbish today, and the slight hill required in taking the dog on a short walk make me as breathless as when I was a smoker a long time ago, but that stopped fast when I gave up smoking.

My latest blood test indicated anaemia so I'm guessing it may be that. Taking a multivitamin which includes iron, with a daily reminder to take it. I'm extra tired too, and in more pain ( whoops, overdue BuTrans pathches replacement)

I have a horrible taste in my mouth, too. Doesn't exactly make me feel like eating.

One question for advice, though. The BuTrans in particular makes me constipated but when I take the prescribed lactulose, my stomach swells badly and the wind is eyewatering when I pass it. This may be censured, sorry, but that's the time my father said "never trust a fart" . I have senna tablets which I used not to take because they give me bellyache. Any other advice? One thing I do is drink plenty because of the dry mouth.

Whimpering and feeling sorry for myself is over. x

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I was feeling so ill a couple of days ago. No energy at all even though laying down most of the time. My stomach didn't feel right and although I was nauseous I wasn't sick. Bad headache.

Often with a headache I get relief following a bowel movement. But nothing seemed to be working that day including my bowels. I assumed I might be a bit dehydrated as that can cause constipation but had no appetite for water, the natural solution.

We had just bought some fresh beetroot a couple of days before. I had been reading of its beneficial effects. I juiced several of the beets and drank the beet juice. That went down very easily as if my body was craving it.

Later that day I had a gastrology appointment. The consultant told me I was anaemic. That evening I ate a large portion of watercress and baby spinach. Yesterday my energy seemed to have reappeared.

At the consultation I was told that eating lots of dark leafy greens won't help. Maybe then it was just coincidental. I hadn't had much in the way of dark green leafys in the few proceeding days.

I am wondering what a blood test today might say 're anaemia....

Just some hints. I don't know if they will be useful to you.

Should have said preceding days^^^

Thanks. My gastric problems make veg very difficult but beetroot juice is worth a try.

If you are anaemic you need more iron than you will get from a multivitamin. You doctor should prescribe iron for you.

Lupiknits in reply to baba

I'm expecting that. Problem is I've had to postpone next blood test and GP appt because they clash with my first cataract surgery, which I need more and more.

Lots of sympathy from over here, Lupiknits. Not much in the way of advice though. I take Zapain every day, so am prone to constipation. I don't take any laxatives as such, but my routine includes things aimed at keeping me regular. I try to keep drinking water, like you say. For supper I will have a bowl of Crunchy Bran (All Bran doesn't seem to help, oddly enough). A bit of fruit and veg at every meal too. Tinned prunes when things are getting bad. I find that sometimes the trouble seems to be initiating the process and that a couple of things seem to set things in motion. One is orange juice, and another is simply walking about freely (as opposed to shuffling like I normally have to). Perhaps the flexing of the abdominal muscles helps with the whole peristalsis thing?

Hope you are feeling a bit more chipper soon. Be kind to yourself anyway. Drizzle champagne over your bowl of Crunchy Bran or something? x

Ooh, quite like Crunchy Bran but will have to skip the champers, good as it sounds. Love prunes! Will get more down in my yoghurt.

I do try some sort of gentle rubbing, pressing etc which does help a bit. Thanks x

Hi LK, Blue won't be happy if you're not up to scratch, hope you can get back to 0-40mph in less than three seconds soon. 🐺

Sauerkraut and beer is a fun way to digestive relief (BURP!) 😁😋😘: if you don't fancy that, chew charcoal tablets and drink a little cider vinegar to reduce gas and aid movement (it's anti-inflammatory too).

My GP has never done the cardiovascular risk assessment recommended by Rheumy - has yours?

And, as my dad used to say: 'Better out than in'... suzannah16 😚 has some great stretches for getting there ! XOX

Thanks eekt. Fortunately Number Two son turned up to take Blue boy out. Son was on way to gym and only had shorts a hoody. Came back with hands that made my hands feel cosy in comparison.

I've chopped up prunes with Greek Yoghurt. Aaaarg! Stuck at the pre stomach point. Did I say it was not a good day?

BTW had a full heart work up when first diagnosed. Since then I'm had umpteen of the stick on kinds. Nothing to report, but it's very important that it's one of the first things they do: women have "silent" heart attacts without the symptoms men have.

I give my oh miraLax and it works great for him, Just a suggestion.

Lupiknits in reply to pmrkitty

Thanks. All suggestions are most welcome x


Hi Lupiknits,

What a bad time of it you're having. I'm really sorry to read that and hope some relief is coming very soon.

What you said about the stomach swelling and the wind after Lactulose reminded me of what happed to my husband on Laxido. The doctor said that laxatives have that effect on some people and the best thing is switch the laxative. He went to Macrogol compound powder and the stomach swelling and wind-breaking went straight back to normal, as did his bowels. I have had to use the same (used to be called Movicol) throughout last year as my bowels were very affected. It was the only thing that kept things moving despite a very good diet and rigorous exercise. 2 Gps in my surgery, my Rheumatologist; and oncologist from several years ago all highly recommend Macrogol compound powder, particularly if you're taking constipating drugs.

With hope for some relief.

Panda x

Lupiknits in reply to panda2

Thank you so much. I'm now able to suggest all sorts of alternatives to my GP.

Hi lupiknits

Prune juice works for me!! And do beware that iron tablets cause constipation as well..I was anaemic n GP prescribed iron which made me constipated!! Nothings ever straightforward is it? When u rub your tummy go round in a clockwise motion as that's the way your innards are going..peppermint tea might help with wind n maybe help your mouth. I feel for u and hope u get some relief soon

Lupiknits in reply to Krazykat26

Thank you so much KK. Clockwise innards it is! Alas, I know that any iron supplements will make it worse. When I see my GP I'll ask for different laxatives. Lactulose is not suiting me now, though it did for some time x

Hi Lupiknit, sorry you're having a tough time. I try to cut out gluten. When I don't it makes a big difference x

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