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Symptoms in your children? I have a 5 year old son who I am concerned about.

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For months I have noticed my son suffers with a very prominent form of livedo reticularis, very red eyes, diarrhoea. These are the only physical things I can see.

Today after months of seeing the strange patterns on his skin appear I took him to the doctors. Up until this point I have not taken him, in fear that I was creating his symptoms due to so many hurdles I have had to jump through during my search for a diagnosis.

Thank goodness the pattern in his skin was very prominent during his appointment at the doctors. I have been advised that the pattern in his skin is not normal and they are going to start testing on him. I was just wondering if any other people have had a similar experience with their children? what other symptoms were present to make you want to take your child to a gp? What was the outcome?

My son also sweats badly at night time whether it be summer or winter and also struggles with his learning at school.

Any experiences with your children that you can share would be most appreciated


6 Replies
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Sorry I cannot help you with your son’s problems.

I just wanted to send some love and support your way and best wishes for getting the answers you seek.

For you both love ♥️ Squidgies hugs 🤗 and kisses 😘


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Lisalou19 in reply to honeybug

Bless you, such a kind reply. Thank you xxx

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honeybug in reply to Lisalou19

You’re so welcome sweetie.

I’ve just prayed for you both.

I would love to keep in touch to know how things are going but I know as loving of a mother as you are your hands are full enough without adding me onto your list.

Please take care and abundant blessings for you both.

With love and heartfelt empathy.

EvaJo. 😊🌸🦋🌿🙏🤗💗😘

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Lisalou19 in reply to honeybug

I’ve always got time for everyone. I love this site so much, so many lovely people.

I’m going to get his bloods done then take it from there.

I wish I had followed my gut instinct earlier but I’m sure people around me are sick of me moaning about myself, let alone adding my son to the equation


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honeybug in reply to Lisalou19

When it comes to loved ones (yourself included) it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says always go with your gut feeling. 99.9/10 % of the time your gut instinct is right.

It’s always better to err on the caution side than to not and tragedy be the end results.

We can always live with the first but the latter results in a lifelong regret/guilt/depression sentence that wouldn’t be easy to endure especially when your child is concerned.

Never let anyone sway your motherly intuition. Never be afraid to ask any doctor questions and get them answered ... if not keep searching out doctors until you find one that really cares and listens to you and sincerely wants to help.

I hope your son’s bloods will give you a starting point if not answers to your questions.

Thank you sweetie for sharing.

I’m in your corner and supporting you. Be sure to take care of you too so you can do your best for your son.

Love 💗 hugs 🤗 and kisses 😘. EvaJo 😊🌸🌿🦋🙏

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Well done for having the courage to take him to the GP, seeing our children suffering is hard. Hoping the system won't let you down, and may God bless you both.

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