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Im so glad i joined the forum yes i have tried alot of things i tried ibrouphn & tramadol they dont even touch the pain nor did morphine work only taking Gabapentin & paractmol amptrilytin all your advice much apperciated taking 20mg of steriods & hydro with time but then again we dont know how much time i have when im at its worst just want to end it there

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Hope you are better today Naz. I think ending the pain should be with painkillers!!! Nothing else.. So we have to try various forms of painkillers. let it be. I always thought sometimes we are not that lucky. But we are lucky in comparison to others. I am having a bad day too. I decided to make myself a nice cup cup of tea, take my pain killers and watch a movie. Of course will sleep too. What is your plan? with love, Lx

I look on pain as my body trying to tell me something and it can be I need more nutrition, exercise, rest/relaxation, to get outside, get away from Wi-Fi, etc. Drugs just make matters worse for me as my body really doesn't need the toxicity - worsens my immune problems.

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