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Any Vets or Veterinary Nurses on here?

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I'm new here, I was diagnosed in November last year whilst going through IVF. At the time, I was doing an access to science course and mid placement at a vets practice and I stopped everything to concentrate on getting well again.

I'm hoping to find a route back to training again at the start of next year and I was wondering if there were any Vets or Vet Nurses on here I could talk to about the reality of managing a job like this with Lupus. I did a morning last week and have a placement lined up for 2 weeks in December but I am so desperate to commit to training!

I mostly suffer from fatigue, rashes and lung capacity. I'm told it is now currently inactive and have been taking steroids for the past 8 months.

Any words of advice or similar would be much appreciated,

Thank you

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Hi 21022447,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK Community Forum.

I'd like to wish you the best of luck for your placement in December, please let us know how you get on. Have you told them that you have lupus? Have they offered to make any adjustments to help you manage better in your placement? We have a couple of employment guides which you may find helpful. You can read/download them at but if you'd like physical copies posted to you, please just send me a private message or email with your name and address.

We have a couple of articles on our website with information and advice about coping with fatigue and rashes. You may find them helpful.

Managing Fatigue -

Coping with Itchy Rashes -

Are you on any other treatment as well as the steroids at the moment?

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