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Hyper mobility and Lupus


Hi everyone j have been a member of Lupus Uk since 1994 when I was diagnosed withLupus. I have recently diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome due to increasing pain and stiffness in my shoulder and elbows. Does anybody know if there is a link between Lupus and hyper mobility it seems strange to be diagnosed now after all these years of check up and test, but must admit I do not know much about it yet, I would be grateful for advice on keeping myself fitter. I also have to take into account heart failure and type 2 diabetes. That’s my background a bit long but thanks for reading

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Hi Greengems. Sorry to hear your condition is progressing.

There are a few articles that document a link between lupus and hypermobility, although they have shied away from naming lupus as a cause of hypermobility.

Even then, if you read journals on tendinitis or enthesitis, it is not an indirect line to the conclusion that autoimmune conditions that affect tendons and ligaments do result in hypermobility. The idea behind this is that the antibodies attack this tissue, and the resulting inflammation causes tendons and ligaments to stretch, eventually causing hypermobility or ligamentous laxity. In some cases, the tissue contracts, calcifies and/or even breaks, causing the deformities seen in conditions such as Jaccoud's (non-erosive) Arthritis, in more extreme cases.

The general consensus on keeping fit is watching what you eat - which I assume you do with diabetes, and low impact exercises like swimming and yoga, which strengthen your muscles without putting undue pressure on your joints.

Still, I would ask for a consult with a GP or cardiologist for more personalised suggestions.

Wishing you relief soon. x

Greengems in reply to LupieMani

Thank you for your reply what you have written makes sense in my head i could not work out how the physio could say my shoulder was tight and stiff and the consultant said it was hypermobile! Reading what you have written clears it up. Will keep you posted on what happens next.

I have hypermobility, like you it was diagnosed late and said so matter of factly by rheumi, oh you have this too... interesting, i guess after various more serious diagnosises this is minor, until it causes you pain & discomfort or worse...

I am going to private physio out of need and she was keen that i don't over stretch as that could cause damage, not to use the 'rubber' bands, just do gentle exercise... My problem with yoga is i would overdo the stretches...there are lots of suggestions on google if you look at hypermobility & exercise.... I working on alignment of my neck to help the pain there... If she comes up with any suggestions i will let you know...


Greengems in reply to maggielee

Thank you for your reply, I will look up your suggestions. I hope all goes well for you.


Hi Greengems,

I had a look in the Lupus Encyclopedia and could not find anything specifically on hypermobility syndrome and lupus. However, one of the most common symptoms associated with lupus is joint/muscle aches and pains which is also related to hypermobility issues i.e. stiffness of joints and muscles. The NHS’ website has more information on hypermobility which you may like to read at nhs.uk/conditions/joint-hyp...

We published a blog article on lupus and exercise which you may like to read, the article includes a link to a 15-minute lupus-friendly workout video: lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-and-ex...

Best wishes!

Thank you for your suggestions I will look into them. Is the Lupus encyclopaedia a new book?

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Greengems

Hi Greengems. The Lupus Encyclopedia by Donald E Thomas Jr. was published in 2014. We find it very helpful because it covers practically every aspect of lupus whilst generally using easily relatable language. It's a large volume and not one to sit and read cover to cover, but if you have specific questions it can be a good resource. If you were interested in purchasing it, information about doing so (along with a discount code) can be found at lupusuk.org.uk/shop/#!/Book...

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