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Stabbing, shooting pain in middle of left hand. Had for years, driving me crazy.


Can anyone tell me what maybe the cause of my anguish. I have An intermittent pain in my left hand. It comes and goes. Right now it’s the second day of the pain and is quite severe. It comes in 5 second bouts around every 5-10 mins or so all day. If I’m holding something in my had it means I drop it. My hand becomes useless for the duration. The pain is intense and I describe it as like having a needle pushed into my hand. Today I’m fed up with the pain so if there is anyone out there that can shed some light onto what I may have I would appreciate it. I’m a 49 year old male.

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Have you seen your gp and had an x ray ??

No I haven’t had an X-ray as I assumed that nothing would show up as it was only pain.

It would be worth getting it checked out as the pain is obviously annoying you , and causing you to drop things.

See your doctor

Hi. I have a throbbing pain in my right hand. My lupus causes pain in my fingers too. I have a bad right shoulder - yore the rotator cuff = and a pain radiates down my arm. Doctor didn’t think pain was related though. I have a prescription gel (called Voltaren here in the ststes) and it helps ease the pain. The pain weakens my hand and I can’t lift things. Wishing you wellness.

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